25 Garden Design Blogs You Should Be Following

What better way to spend a beautiful day than getting outside to work in your garden? It’s a great way to relax and become one with nature. Whether you’re an experienced, avid gardener or thinking about planting a garden for the first time, there are some great gardening blogs that will educate and inspire you. If you love to garden, here are 25 garden design blogs that you should be following.

1. You Grow Girlgarden design blogs

You Grow Girl is full of “how-to” gardening tips on everything you want to know about gardening. The garden design blogs are informative and easy to understand for beginning and advanced gardeners. There’s helpful tips on selecting the right plants for your garden, the best time of year to plant, and proper planting and prepping techniques. Blogs discuss growing edible flowers, vegetables and herbs, as well as flowers, plants and shrubs. The site also features a helpful seed starting guide, beginner gardening guide, container gardening guide and a guide for preserving and canning the vegetables you grow in your garden.

2. Chiot’s Rungarden design blogs

Chiot’s Run is an incredible blog with so much information for every type of gardener. With a large variety of topics, garden design blogs are very informative and educational with great advice and tips. You’ll find great articles on gardening in small spaces, indoor gardening, edible gardens, specialty gardens, beneficial plants, holiday garden ideas and many others. There are also great “how to” articles on a variety of topics and links to Vegetable Journals, Kitchen Gardens and Garden Tools.

3. Garden Therapygarden design blogs

Garden Therapy is a simple blog site that discusses a variety of DIY garden projects, recipes and craft ideas inspired by your garden. From growing succulents to edible plants and vegetables, this blog is a simple teaching tool. You’ll find articles on making your own skin scrub and soap, flavoring your favorite cocktail and lemonade, making a fruit fly trap and creating wonderful scents for your home – all from plants you grow in your garden! There’s even a great article on making edible flower ice cubes. What a creative idea for a summer party! Garden Therapy is a blog you’ll enjoy for its creative ideas and fun projects that are so inspiring for your home.

4. A Way To Gardengarden design blogs

A Way To Garden is one of the best educational garden design blogs that you’ll find on the web. There are great articles on all types of flowers, plants, shrubs and trees, planting annuals, perennials and bulbs, growing vegetables, fruits and herbs and taking care of common houseplants. You’ll find a large amount of helpful “how-to” posts on composting, organic gardening, weeding, outdoor pests and plant diseases and creative container gardening, shade gardening and water gardening. There are great tips on garden design and garden preparation and maintenance, as well as interesting posts on nature-related subjects and garden FAQs.

5. Gardening Gone Wildgarden design blogs

Gardening Gone Wild is an easy-to-read blog site with garden design blogs on creative garden designs, planting with succulents and beautiful photography. Gardening blogs discuss creating all types of gardens and plants for city gardens, country gardens, rural gardens and drought tolerant landscapes. You’ll find interesting articles on selecting the right plants for your garden, choosing colorful plants that enhance your landscape and planting succulents for a drought-resistant garden. Particularly inspiring is the amazing photography on this blog site with photos of a variety of plants and landscapes found in different areas of the country.

6. Growing With Plantsgarden design blogs

Growing With Plants is written like a seasonal journal of inspiring gardening ideas and projects. This blog recently won the Better Homes and Gardens Top Ten Blogger Award for 2015. You’ll find interesting articles and “how to” tips on seasonal planting, plant care and maintenance, fertilizing, composting, pruning and watering. You’ll also read articles on what not to do, based on the personal experience on the blogger. This blog features great links to 19th century Artinsal Gardening Techniques, the World’s Best Botanic Gardens, Garden Tours, Mastering Vegetables and Plant Craft for inspirational ideas and information.

7. 66 Square Feetgarden design blogs

66 Square Feet is a unique, informative blog site that focuses on gardening and landscaping for small outdoor spaces and urban rooftops. You’ll find wonderful landscaping blogs, design tips and photos for rooftop garden ideas in New York City, Brooklyn, the Bronx and various urban areas throughout New York and New Jersey. Although most garden design blogs you find on the web are geared to homeowners with homes and great yards, this one focuses on people who choose to live in urban areas where living spaces are small, and there’s no such thing as a back yard. 66 Square Feet is inspiring for all those city dwellers out there!

8. Sunsetgarden design blogs

Sunset Magazine devotes much of its space to garden design blogs that are well-written and very informative for DIY gardeners. You’ll find great blog posts and tips on basic gardening, landscaping and garden design, planting edible gardens, sustainable gardens and DIY garden and landscape projects for your home. This site also contains a variety of helpful gardening tutorials, gardening videos and links to wonderful gardening books and research articles. Although Sunset is published on the West Coast, gardening information and articles cover all areas of the country.

9. Borst Landscape & Designgarden design blogs

Borst Landscape & Design is an award-winning landscape company located in Allendale, NJ. With over 25 years of experience and as a consecutive winner of the NJLCA Residential and Commercial Landscape Maintenance Award, they are one of the most respected authorities on landscape design in New Jersey. Garden design blogs offer readers valuable, educational landscape information on a wide range of topics. As a full-service landscape company, Borst provides a variety of services including lawn care and maintenance, organic lawn care, pest control, garden design, design/build services for outdoor landscape features and landscape lighting. Borst Landscape & Design provides both residential and commercial landscaping services, as well as landscape packages to New Jersey homeowners in Bergen County.

10. Birds & Bloomsgarden design blogs

Birds & Blooms is a great blog site that emphasizes the interaction between birds and flowers to create a nature-friendly garden. If you’re interested in attracting beautiful birds to your landscape, this is the perfect blog site to learn how to do it with helpful gardening tips and information. You’ll learn about different plants and flowers that attract birds, bees and butterflies to your garden and how to create a balanced ecosystem that will sustain them. You’ll also find garden design blogs about bird feeding and feeders, birdbaths and ways to create natural ponds that attract various bird species to your garden.

11. Ledge and Gardensgarden design blog

Ledge and Gardens won the “Best Garden Blog Award” from Horticulture Magazine in 2012. Their gardening blogs discuss various landscape and garden topics, smart gardening techniques and plants that are native to their Rhode Island location. This blog site is loaded with helpful landscape information and great links to horticulture guides, a wildflower directory, a Latin botanical names directory; the Garden Guys Radio Show; and the University of Maryland Plants Diagnostics Guide. You can’t ask for much more educational help than that! Ledge and Gardens is a simple blog that offers a lot of useful information to help you become a better gardener.

12. Backyard Bloggergarden design blogs

Backyard Blogger is written by a self taught home gardener in Texas who simply has a passion for landscaping and gardening. Garden design blogs are easy-to-read and follow for beginners, as well as more experienced gardeners. You’ll find wonderful articles on planting techniques for flower gardens, edible gardens and specialty gardens and planting and pruning schedules. There’s a variety of unique and interesting topics like green gardening gift ideas, gardening with kids, garden to table cooking, seasonal garden ideas and water saving tips for hot and humid Texas landscapes. These blogs take a no-frills approach to landscaping and gardening and provide a lot of basic advice.

13. Garden Rantgarden design blogs

Garden Rant is a unique site where garden design blogs are posted by different contributors around the country. Articles are quite diverse and you’ll find a variety of informative, interesting topics on gardening in different climate zones. Blogs feature articles on drought-tolerant gardens, native plant gardens, annuals and perennials, colorful plants and flowers and care tips on all types of plants. This site is an interesting blog to follow because of its diverse list of contributors and fun links to sites like The Drunken Botanist, Beautiful No-Mow Yards and the Gardener’s Journal.

14. Veggie Gardening Tipsgarden design blogs

If you have always wanted to start your own vegetable garden, Veggie Gardening Tips will help you get started. This blog site features great articles on starting a vegetable, fruit or herb garden, organic gardening and helpful gardening advice for maintaining them. You’ll find great tips on fertilizing your plants, keeping outdoor pests and diseases away and soil conditions for thriving gardens. Posts focus on organic gardening and composting tips that create healthy crops that are safe and nutritious for your family. There are some great links to other sites like Grow Mushrooms in Your Garden, Backyard Rain Barrels and Backyard Beekeeping Hives.

15. Skippy’s Gardengarden design blogs

Skippy’s Garden is another wonderful site with garden design blogs that focus on organic gardening for plants, flowers and vegetables. You’ll find a lot of helpful information on seasonal planting and fertilizing, plant care and maintenance and controlling outdoor pests and diseases. If you’re interested in growing your own food, this site has terrific “how-to” articles and videos on growing everything from garlic to Habanero peppers, snap peas, squash, romaine lettuce and pumpkins. There’s also a useful 2015 planting list and diagrams of garden designs for in-ground and containers gardens for your home.

16. Sparrow Landscapinggarden design blogs

Sparrow is a beautiful blog site with easy-to-read articles and inspiring photography. The focus is on building a harmonious balance between landscaping, nature and wildlife. With the use of native plants and specialty gardens, Sparrow will inspire you to get in touch with nature. You’ll find a variety of educational articles about flowers, butterflies, wildlife and furry little critters who often want to nest in your landscape. Many of the landscape photos show more casual, natural landscapes rather than well-manicured ones with lots of structure and order. However, that’s what’s interesting about these garden design blogs that promote a more natural link between man and nature.

17. Serenity In The Gardengarden design blogs

Serenity in the Garden is a great garden blog site that provides educational tips on plants, garden design and landscaping ideas. The blogs focus on creative garden designs that include beautiful specialty gardens, scented gardens, rose gardens, native plant gardens, native wildlife and natural outdoor ponds. You’ll find a variety of posts on different topics related to flowers, plants, shrubs and trees including planting techniques, fertilizing, mulching and care and maintenance.

18. Ewa in the Gardengarden design blogs

Ewa in the Garden was one of the most popular and best read gardening blogs for 2014. With a variety of gardening articles on plant varieties, edible gardens and beautiful landscapes, it’s an inspiring blog that’s easy for readers to enjoy. Interesting articles include photos of amazing cactus gardens in Europe, edible gardens, decorative gardens, seasonal planting ideas, garden ornaments and beautiful garden beds around the world. Ewa in the Garden should be on your list of garden design blogs to follow.

19. Root Simplegarden design blogs

Root Simple is a basic gardening blog that focuses on simple living with DIY gardening projects, homegrown herbs and vegetables, garden animals and common sense gardening. It’s a fun blog that’s full of quirky ideas and light-hearted humor. This blog is written by a Californian who takes an avid approach to sustainable gardening ideas with drought-resistant plants that promote water conservation. Root Simple features an online community of readers who get involved through online chats and comments.

20. Tiny Farm Blog

Tiny Farm Blog takes an interesting approach to organic farming, landscaping and gardening. You’ll find great garden design blogs on planting and harvesting, organic composting, pruning techniques, pest control and seasonal planting and maintenance tips. This blog is about everything organic where you’ll find great links to organic farmer’s markets, organic cooking and recipes, organic gardening supplies and organic planting charts. If you’re interested in an organic, sustainable lifestyle, you’ll love the Tiny Farm Blog.

21. A Nest For All Seasonsgarden design blogs

A Nest For All Seasons is the perfect gardening blog for beginners. As the Readers Choice winner of Better Homes and Gardens 2014 Bloggers Awards, garden design blogs cover an extensive list of basic gardening topics, as well as helpful guides on how to start plants from cuttings; techniques for propagating and pruning; and composting and mulching and growing vegetable and herbs. There’s also ideas for garden design, floral design and a helpful guide for individual plants. This is a fun blog to read with great articles on gardening, cooking food from your garden, DIY design tips, travel and beautiful photography.

22. Savvy Gardeninggarden design blogs

Savvy Gardening is a great blog site that provides easy-to-read articles and gardening tips for beginners and advanced gardeners. You’ll find a variety of interesting topics like mixing and matching ornamental plants and edibles, growing vegetables in the shade and greenhouse gardening. Accompanied by inspiring photographs, blogs offer a lot of useful information and creative design tips. There are some wonderful articles on climbing vines, beneficial garden insects, small trees for your yard and ways to re-purpose your household junk into garden art.

23. Urban Gardensgarden design blogs

Urban Gardens is full of innovative, unique gardening ideas for small spaces. Thinking outside the box is certainly evidenced in these creative garden design blogs that will inspire you to take a different approach to gardening. With its dedication to creative thinking, Urban Gardens has received numerous awards including the 2012 Best Blog Tour award in London and the 2014 Best Blog Tour award in Milan. You’ll find interesting posts on rooftop gardens, shade gardens, rain gardens, container gardens, terrariums and window boxes, with emphasis on creating beautiful gardens for urban spaces.

24. Dirt Simplegarden design blogs

Dirt Simple is a blog that combines gardening ideas with beautiful photography. The blog of landscape and garden designer Deborah Silver, garden design blogs are inspired by the blogger’s landscape design background and her work as a watercolor and pastel artist. You’ll find great articles on everything from planting your first garden to creating a beautiful Japanese garden in your back yard. There are also wonderful links and references to other gardening sites and educational resources.

25. Go Garden Clubgarden design blogs

Go Garden Club is an educational blog site that talks about a wide range of gardening topics like selecting the plant species, proper planting times, proper plant care and maintenance and green gardening for organic flower and vegetable gardens. Garden design blogs tackle a variety of topics with easy-to-read articles that offer a wealth of useful information. This is a good blog to follow for gardening educational tips.

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