Commercial Snow Plowing in Bergen County, NJ: Q&A

It won’t be long until winter is upon us here in northern New Jersey. That means that now is the time to start looking at commercial snow plowing contractors in the area. When trying to find one, you may naturally have some questions.

Here are some answers to common questions business owners in Bergen County just like yourself frequently have.

How soon after a storm hits can I expect snow removal?

Here at Borst Landscape & Design, we make every effort to get to our customers as quickly as possible after a storm hits. We carefully monitor the weather so that we can be prepared to go out immediately after a storm in order to begin clearing areas.

In fact, the weather reports we receive are more detailed than those given to the public, so we’ll be the first to know about a pending snowfall, and will therefore be able to respond much quicker than other contractors will.

Will you visit my location more than once if needed?

Yes, we make it a standard practice to inspect each site the day after a storm hits in order to ensure commercial snow plowing does not need to be done again. We also come back after a melt and refreeze to do the same thing.

What products do you use to remove snow and ice on sidewalks?

We use an advanced product known as “Magic Salt” on sidewalks and walkways. Magic Salt is coated with molasses, which makes it melt slower and more evenly than other ice-melt products. It is also less corrosive to blacktop and asphalt than traditional salt is.

What type of equipment do you use for clearing lots?

Our fleet of trucks are all equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. All of our equipment is immaculately maintained so that it is remains dependable and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Why should I choose your company over other commercial snow plowing companies in the area?

Here at Borst Landscape & Design, we have been serving customers in Bergen and Passaic counties since 1989. During that time, we have built a strong reputation with local businesses, earning many repeat customers over the years. Our dependability and attention to detail are unrivaled among that of our competition.

When it comes to commercial snow plowing in Bergen County, Borst Landscape & Design handles this task for large and small businesses alike. Give us a call today in order to schedule an estimate, and be prepared long before the winter season arrives.