Commercial Snow Removal Guide For Bergen County, NJ Property Managers

Commercial Snow Removal Guide For Bergen County, NJ Property ManagersHere in Bergen County, keeping parking lots and sidewalks free from snow is essential for any business owner.

When looking for a commercial snow removal company, here are a few things to keep in mind in order to ensure your needs will be completely taken care of.

Go Local

It’s best to hire a commercial snow removal company in your area, as you can be sure they will be able to get to you quickly whenever there’s a storm. It’s also easier to find out about a particular company by talking with other business owners around you.

Check with others who regularly use snow removal services in order to find out which contractors in your area are reputable. Read online reviews and browse through different websites to find snow removal services in your area that appear to be reliable.

Comparing Services

After finding the names of a few local contractors, you’ll want to get estimates from each of them. This will allow you to assess their demeanor, and get a feel for the type of service you’ll get once you hire them. When comparing one commercial snow removal company to another, some things you should consider are:

  • Type of Equipment Being Used – Contractors that use the very best equipment will be able to clear your lot faster, and you can also take comfort in knowing that mechanical failures are less likely to happen

  • Additional Charges – Knowing whether or not there will be an additional charge should snow reach a certain depth is important

  • Number of Trucks Available – This will give you a good idea as to how long you might have to wait for service after a storm

  • Repeat Visits – Whether or not there will be repeat visits whenever snowfall is ongoing or there is a melt and refreeze

Questions about the Contract

Not all commercial snow removal contracts are the same, which is why you should never choose a contractor based on price alone. Those who give extremely low estimates could be unreliable, uninsured or drop you at the last minute for a higher-paying customer. Some information you might want to find out ahead of time includes:

  • Are you insured? What are your limits?

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

  • Will your snowplow driver be accessible by cell phone during the storm?

  • What areas of my property are included?

  • Is there an additional charge for salt or sand?

  • Do you charge extra for coming back to clear areas whenever snowfall is ongoing?

  • Will you work late night or early morning hours to ensure my lots and sidewalks are clear upon opening?

Always make a commercial snow removal service aware of any special needs you might have that are unique to your particular business. For example, if certain areas need to be cleared before others, be sure to let the contractor know this. Pay attention to how receptive a technician is to your needs, as this will give you a good idea as to what type of service you can expect later.

Choosing a contractor for commercial snow removal in Bergen County should not be done lightly. Your livelihood depends on customers being able to access your establishment, which is why it is important for it to be done right. Here at Borst Landscape & Design, we are reliable, experienced and dedicated to the needs of all our customers.