When to Hire a Commercial Snow Removal Company in NJ

commercial snow removal company njLiving in Northern New Jersey means cold winters with freezing temperatures for three or four months out of the year. If you’re a business owner, chances are you’re going to need a commercial snow removal company in NJ to keep your business operational during the winter season. With frequent storms that bring snow and ice, it’s important to plan early for services to protect your business.

When Should I Begin Services?

It’s important to plan early! You should plan for snow removal services in the late summer or early fall so you have adequate time to create a workable plan and budget. A commercial snow removal company in NJ books up quickly, so don’t wait until winter hits when these companies are swamped with calls.

By planning early for snow removal services, you can ensure that your business stays up and running and your customers and employees stay safe. Planning early will also give you adequate time to meet with a professional contractor and determine a plan of action that meets your business needs and budget. After seeing your property and discussing your needs and concerns, the contractor can give you accurate rates for services. It’s important that the contractor is familiar with your property, exact requirements and budget before snow begins to fall. With unpredictable Northern NJ weather conditions, waiting too late to contract for snow removal services can leave your business out in the cold with no protection!

Why Do I Need Snow Removal Services?

The impact of a heavy snowstorm can be devastating for your business. As snow accumulates on your parking lot, driveway, sidewalks and walkways, it can prevent customers from entering or exiting your business. Customers, as well as employees, can get stranded on your property with no way to get home. Hard surface areas that freeze and become icy can cause slip-and-fall accidents for your customers and employees resulting in injuries that put you at risk for a lawsuit.

Without commercial snow removal services, a large snowstorm can shut down your business. It only takes six inches of snow to create dangerous conditions, and with 12 inches or more, the weight of the snow can bring down trees, power lines and even your roof top. When a snowstorm is accompanied by freezing rain, icy conditions occur quickly, setting your property up for hazardous conditions that can injure you, your employees and your customers.

If you own a business where people come and go on a regular basis, commercial snow removal services are essential. Retailers, restaurants, corporate business offices and condo or apartment complexes should plan for winter snow removal services to ensure smooth and safe operations, even in the worst weather conditions. By hiring a commercial snow removal company in NJ, you can protect your business and keep your customers and employees safe.

commercial snow removal company nj

How Do I Find a Reputable Contractor?

When you’re looking for a commercial snow removal company in NJ, it may be difficult to compare one to another since prices can vary based on the size of your business property, business location and services needed. Start by asking some important questions that will give you better insight into the company’s history, knowledge, skill and experience in commercial snow removal services.

How long have you been in business?

A company that’s been in business 15-20 years is certainly experienced and providing good work, or they would not have a successful track record. Look for a company with experience and skill in snow removal services. There’s no substitution for experience and happy customers.

How big is your company?

A larger company usually has bigger crews to handle work loads and service issues. This is especially important in an unexpected snowstorm or during an emergency situation. Make sure the company you hire is large enough and adequately staffed with snow removal crews to handle your specific business needs.

What type of equipment do you use for snow removal?

Typical snow removal equipment includes large trucks with blades on the front to move snow; snow blowers; rotary brooms; de-icing and melting equipment; and shovels or other hand-held equipment. Specific equipment may vary based on needs, but new, state-of-the-art equipment is best.

Do you provide emergency services?

A reputable, qualified commercial snow removal company in NJ will offer emergency response services for your business. They will have skilled crews who can be dispatched on short notice to handle emergency snow removal services.

Do you provide monitoring services?

The best companies will provide monitoring services for your business. These services monitor daily weather conditions to keep you informed on changing weather patterns that can affect your business including upcoming storms and special weather alerts.

Will you re-inspect my property the day after a storm?

With severe weather conditions, it’s common for snow to melt in the sunshine, then refreeze overnight. Look for a commercial snow removal company in NJ that will re-inspect your business property the next day to handle these conditions.

Can I reach your office easily by phone or message in an emergency?

Look for a commercial snow removal company in NJ that’s adequately staffed and quickly reachable in any emergency. You want trained dispatchers who can schedule professional crews quickly to respond to unexpected snowstorms, ice management and property hazards.

commercial snow removal company nj

What Services Should I Look For?

Before you hire someone, look at specific services they provide. There are many companies that provide commercial snow removal services in Bergen County area, but services and quality of services can vary greatly. Here are important services to look for:

24/7 Emergency Response

Since Northern NJ weather can be unpredictable, 24/7 emergency services are essential for your business operation and safety. You want to hire a commercial snow removal company in NJ with trained dispatchers who can schedule a snow removal crew on short notice. Dispatchers will schedule route information and specific needs for your business property. A 24/7 emergency response service will ensure that your business doesn’t have to close down and lose customers during heavy snows.

Monitoring Services

Monitoring services are important to your business operations and the safety of your customers and employees. They monitor daily weather conditions to keep you informed on changing weather patterns that can affect your business including upcoming storms and special weather alerts. You are updated by emails, phone calls or website alerts on scheduled snow and ice management services and any changes due to road closures, traffic jams and hazardous conditions.

Melting Services

Melting services are important to prevent snow from piling up or freezing on hard services like parking lots, driveways, sidewalks and walkways. These conditions can occur quickly and cause dangerous slip-and-fall accidents for customers and employees. You want a professional contractor who’s knowledgeable and experienced in using special, quality melting products that clear snow and ice quickly. These services will keep your business open and give your customers and employees safe access.

  • Deicing – Deicing uses snow and ice melting products that quickly clear hard-packed snow and sheets of ice from streets, sidewalks, driveways and parking lots. Deicing is normally done after snow removal and may require several applications.
  • Anti-Icing – Anti-icing uses snow and ice melting products that are applied before snow removal is done. These products prevent snow and ice from bonding to concrete or asphalt surfaces and creating slippery, dangerous conditions which may cause your customers and employees to slip and fall.
  • Magic Salt – Magic Salt, an advanced product used in snow & ice removal, will remove snow and ice in temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The product contains molasses and other ingredients which cause snow and ice to melt slower with less runoff on your business property.

State-Of-The-Art Equipment

Equipment used to remove snow can be dangerous and should be operated by well-trained crews. Snow removal trucks are equipped with a large blade that can damage your property if operated incorrectly. State-of-the-art equipment allows large quantities of snow to be removed easily and quickly, ensuring you the least amount of disruption and down time for your business and your customers.