Commercial Snow Removal Services in Bergen County, NJ

commercial snow removal services Bergen County NJIt won’t be long until winter is upon us here in northern New Jersey. That means that right now is the time to start thinking about snow and ice removal.

If you’re looking for commercial snow removal services for your Bergen County business, a trusted name to call on is Borst Landscape & Design.


Benefits of a Commercial Snow Removal Service

There are a number of reasons to consider commercial snow removal services, and perhaps the biggest one is that customers can still access your business. If your parking lot or walkway is covered with snow or ice, people may not want to come to your establishment.

Keeping your property free from winter hazards also reduces your liability in the event someone was to fall and become injured. By allowing us to do the work for you, you’ll save valuable time that could be spent taking care of your customers instead.

Commercial Snow Removal Services in Bergen County

We constantly monitor weather reports in order to stay updated on current conditions. Our staff receives updates detailing the type of storm that’s headed our way, and when it is likely to strike so that we can always stay prepared. The northern NJ weather reports we receive from our sources are much more detailed than ones that are provided to the public, which means that we are likely to know about snowstorms before anyone else in our area does.

Here at Borst Landscape & Design, we have state-of-the-art equipment to assist us with clearing sidewalks, driveways and parking lots. In fact, we have bigger equipment than most other commercial snow removal services in this area. Knowing we have the right equipment can give you peace of mind because you can be sure the area around your business will be cleared quickly.

Our service doesn’t just stop with clearing your lot. We know that heavy winds can sometimes cause snow to blow back onto previously cleared areas. As such, we provide on-site inspections the day after a storm to ensure that all the pertinent areas are still clear. We’ll do the same whenever there has been a melt and refreeze so that you won’t have to worry about your customers or employees slipping and falling on the ice.

Don’t wait until that first winter storm to find a contractor to perform commercial snow removal services. Contact us now, and you will already be prepared whenever inclement weather strikes, leaving you one less thing to worry about whenever that time comes.

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