Top Landscape Design Blogs in 2015

Today, most companies who are serious about doing business have blog sites. Although these sites are often tedious and time consuming to maintain, they offer businesses a good marketing tool and readers valuable information on different topics that can be quite educational. You’ll find some blog sites that are great, and some that fall short, but here are our top picks for landscape design blogs in 2015.

Dirt Simplelandscape design blogs

Dirt Simple is the blog of landscape and garden designer Deborah Silver in Sylvan Lake, Michigan. She opened her landscape office, Deborah Silver and Co Inc, in 1986. That was followed by a retail store, Detroit Garden Works, devoted to specialty plants and unusual garden ornaments in 1996, then by a studio branch for manufacturing garden ornaments in 2004. Deborah’s blog is inspiring to readers through impressive photography and gardening stories that get the reader involved.

Deborah’s formal education is in English literature and biology, but she worked in a nursery to support herself through school. She has also worked as a watercolor and pastel artist where much of her creative vision was inspired. Her love for landscape design and gardening combined with her creative eye makes her blog beautiful and inspiring to read. Since 1986, she has evolved to become one of the most respected landscape designers and gardeners in the Detroit area. Her landscape design blogs are full of beautiful images and design tips that make you want to run out renovate your garden!

Borst Landscape & Designlandscape design blogs

Borst Landscape & Design is an award-winning landscape company located in Allendale, New Jersey. With over 25 years of experience and as a consecutive winner of the NJLCA Residential and Commercial Landscape Maintenance Award, they are one of the most respected authorities on landscape design in New Jersey. Their landscape design blogs offer readers valuable, educational landscape information on every topic from basic maintenance to organic lawn care. As a full-service landscape company, Borst has a well-educated and trained staff to provide a variety of services including lawn care and maintenance, organic lawn care, pest control, garden design, design/build services for outdoor landscape features and landscape lighting.

The president and owner of Borst Landscape & Design, Mark Borst, is an accredited landscape architect and member of the Professional Landcare Network Association. With a large, full-service team of qualified landscape experts, Borst can tackle any type and size of landscaping project. They provide both residential and commercial landscape maintenance, as well as landscape packages to New Jersey homeowners in Bergen County.

HighGrove Partnerslandscape design blogs

HighGrove Partners is a commercial landscape contractor in Atlanta, Georgia. They provide commercial landscape services and maintenance, water management services, and property evaluation studies to businesses in the greater Atlanta area. Although their landscape design blog is a little less exciting than some, it focuses on major topics of interest to Atlanta business owners and other commercial landscape contractors. Some of their blog topics feature commercial hardscaping materials, storm water and drain management, irrigation systems, drought tolerant landscapes and landscaping improvements that attract tenants. In addition to their daily landscape design blogs, some of HighGrove’s employees contribute to articles within their expertise.

Founded in 1989, HighGrove is one of the five largest commercial landscaping companies in Atlanta. With more than 25 years of experience, they have been a forerunner in creating award-winning solutions for commercial properties throughout the Atlanta area. HighGrove’s CEO, Jim McCutcheon, is a landscape architect who is widely regarded by industry experts and local Atlanta businesses as a visionary leader in the landscape industry.

Neave Group Outdoor Solutionslandscape design blogs

Neave Group, a full-service landscaping contractor in New York, is unique because they have a separate blog for each of their four divisions: pools, sports, landscaping and décor. All of their blogs are light-hearted and take a playful approach to serious topics. Although blogs are easy and fun to read, they are educational on a variety of topics related to each division. Neave’s landscape design blogs cover an array of topics on their main landscape services including landscape design, landscape service and maintenance, design/build construction and gardens for residential, commercial and institutional clients throughout New York areas.

With more than 40 years of experience and four New York locations, Neave Group is equipped to handle projects within nine New York districts, as well as certain parts of Western Connecticut. They’re a large company with a large crew to handle a multitude of landscape design projects.

ValleyCrestlandscape design blogs

ValleyCrest Landscape Companies, located in California, is a leading landscaping company with their eye on the California drought. Their landscape design blogs focus on landscape services and maintenance with water conservation in mind. Blog topics include water conservation, drought-tolerant landscapes, drainage and irrigation and native desert landscapes. With California’s current drought crisis and water restrictions, homeowners are struggling to cut water usage to avoid fines. ValleyCrest offers unique solutions to a serious problem in California landscapes. Their landscape design blogs focus on ways that homeowners and businesses can fight the drought with rebates and incentives for water conservation measures.

With three locations in the greater Los Angeles area, ValleyCrest offers services to a wide geographical area. They provide residential and commercial landscape services, and they’re drawing a lot of needed attention to water conservation throughout Los Angeles. Water conservation is of great interest in California, but a subject most people don’t know much about. ValleyCrest blogs are helping to change that.

Tomlinson Bombergerlandscape design blogs

Tomlinson Bomberger is a landscape company in Lancaster, PA. They provide basic lawn care and maintenance, tree and shrub pruning, pest control and landscape design and installation services for residential and commercial properties, as well as athletic fields in the area. Their landscape design blogs cover various topics from grub control to outdoor projects for the landscape. Blogs are informative, educational and easy to follow for beginner landscapers and gardeners.

Established in 1981, Tomlinson Bomberger Landscape is a locally-owned and operated business. The two partners, Clark Tomlinson and Dave Bomberger, met while working at Lancaster Country Club where they handled landscape care and maintenance jobs. Today, they employ a large team of arborists and horticulturists who can tackle any type of landscape project. The company has won numerous landscape awards and continues to be a top player within the landscape industry in Lancaster and surrounding areas.

Hanselman Landscape and Gardenslandscape design blogs

Located in Maheim, PA, Hanselman Landscape and Gardens provides landscape and garden design, care and maintenance and specialty nursery care for residential and commercial clients. Their landscape design blogs and creative designs focus on Japanese gardens, water gardens, courtyard gardens, children’s gardens and swimming pool landscaping. Their blogs bring a unique sense of creativity with important design advice for readers. With colorful images and easy-to-read articles, their blogs are inspirational and give a lot of good ideas for specialty gardens.

As a family-owned business for more than 25 years, Hanselman Landscape has been designing uniquely beautiful landscapes and gardens for clients in Lancaster, as well as surrounding areas in Hershey, Chester, York, Harrisburg and Montgomery Counties.

Unique Landscapeslandscape design blogs

Unique landscapes, located in Phoenix, Arizona provides beautiful photography and informational landscape design blogs on landscape and swimming pool design. If you’re interested in unique swimming pools and spas, this site will certainly be inspiring. Blog topics focus on beautiful pools and spas for all types of yards, as well as care and maintenance issues. Blogs offer great advice on pool amenities like floor cleaners, heaters, underwater lighting, underwater shelves, swim-up bars and outdoor misting systems. You’ll get a lot of inspiring design ideas.

Unique Landscapes was ranked as the top landscape company in the Phoenix area from 2010 through 2014. To complement their #1 landscape ranking, Unique Custom Pools is also ranked #3 in custom pool and spa designs in Phoenix, and received the BEST of Houzz Design Award in 2015 for pool design.