As a Bergen County homeowner, you know how much a beautiful lawn and landscape enhances the beauty of your home, but you also know that it takes a lot of time and effort to keep it that way.

Keeping your lawn and landscape green and healthy year-round is a full-time commitment that requires professional landscape services in NJ.

By hiring a professional, full-service landscape company, you can devote your free time to enjoyable activities and provide numerous benefits for your landscape.

landscape services NJRegular Lawn Care and Maintenance Services

One of the most important landscape services in NJ for your home is regular lawn care and maintenance.

It will keep your lawn and landscape well-manicured, green and healthy and insect and pest free.

Without it, your lawn is much more susceptible to aggressive weeds, lawn diseases and a variety of outdoor insects and pests that cause damage to your landscape and pose dangers to your family and pets.

By hiring a landscape professional, like Borst Landscape & Design, you will receive the best landscape services in NJ for your Northern New Jersey home.

Skilled, experienced landscape crews will take care of your lawn and landscape needs to keep your home beautiful and healthy year-round. Regular lawn care and maintenance services include:

  • Weekly lawn mowing
  • Weeding
  • Border edging for walkways, driveways and patio areas
  • Cleaning of all walkways, driveways and patio areas
  • Spring yard cleanup to remove dead winter growth and debris
  • Fall yard cleanup to remove dead summer growth and prepare for winter

In addition to weekly lawn care and maintenance services, a professional landscape company offers many other valuable landscape services in NJ that will enhance the appearance of your home.

Trained, enhancement crews can provide additional services outside the scope of regular lawn care and maintenance. Additional services include:

  • Lawn renovations
  • Planting of flowers and small plants
  • Shrub and tree pruning
  • Mulching
  • Fertilizing
  • Garden design
  • Organic lawn care
  • Outdoor pest control

landscape services NJ

Landscape Maintenance Program

In addition to a variety of lawn care and maintenance services, a landscape maintenance program will ensure a lush, healthy landscape for your home.

Throughout the year, skilled, experienced landscape crews will do site inspections to look for problems like grub worms, caterpillars, Japanese beetles, rodents and small outdoor pests that can cause significant damages to your lawn, plants, shrubs and trees.

If any problems are found, crews will discuss concerns with you and provide solutions that will correct or eliminate the problems.

A landscape maintenance program uses natural, organic solutions to keep your landscape green and healthy.

It promotes safe, chemical-free landscape services in NJ that will maintain a beautiful landscape and keep your family and pets safe year-round.

landscape services NJDesign and Build Services

Another great benefit of hiring a qualified professional for your landscape services in NJ is design and build services.

As a full-service, award winning New Jersey landscape contractor, Borst Landscape & Design provides professional design and build services for a variety of wonderful outdoor features that will enhance the beauty of your home and landscape.

Adding special outdoor features to your home will boost curb appeal and property value, create outdoor entertaining areas and enhance comfortable outdoor atmosphere.

Just imagine adding some or all of these great outdoor features to your Bergen County landscape:

Patio or Terrace

A new patio or terrace will increase your living space and provide a great outdoor area for entertaining.

You can build it adjacent to the house for convenience or in a remote backyard location for more privacy.

If you have a large backyard, or your home is built on a hillside or slope, you can build a multi-level patio or terrace that enhances the terrain and provides separate levels for entertaining options.

You can use one level for cooking and dining and the other for quiet conversations with family and friends.

Once you decide on the best location for your new patio or terrace, your landscape contractor can help you with size and materials based on your needs and landscape conditions.

Concrete, brick and stone pavers come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors that will enhance the existing architectural materials and features on your home.

Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen will create a great area where you can cook and dine with family and friends in the comfort of your back yard or patio.

Whether you prefer a fun cookout with the kids or an elegant dinner with friends, an outdoor kitchen is a wonderful outdoor feature for any Northern NJ home.

When you build an outdoor kitchen, you can select a gas grill, electric grill, wood-fired grill or hybrid-fired grill that cooks with gas, charcoal and wood.

Depending on your needs and budget, you can also select from a variety of outdoor kitchen appliances including cook tops, side burners, rotisseries, smokers, deep fryers, pizza ovens, griddles and warming drawers.

You can also install under-counter refrigerators, ice makers, freezers, wine coolers and beer kegerators.

Convenient kitchen accessories include sinks, dishwashers, blenders, storage drawers and cabinets, cutting boards, trash bins, lighting and cooking utensils.

What homeowner wouldn’t want an great outdoor kitchen as part of special landscape services in NJ?

Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

An outdoor fireplace or fire pit will add immediate outdoor ambiance to your Bergen County back yard.

There’s nothing better than gathering around a warm, cozy fire after dinner or roasting marshmallows with the kids on a quiet summer night.

Whether you choose a custom-built fireplace for the patio or terrace or a simple fire pit for the backyard, your family and friends will love relaxing around a beautiful, crackling fire.

An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is an outdoor feature that you will enjoy for many years through every season.

Talk to your landscape contractor about the differences in fireplace and fire pit requirements such as building permits, utility expenses and other restrictions that may impact your landscape services in NJ.

Swimming Pool and Spa

A swimming pool and spa in your back yard will provide endless hours of outdoor enjoyment for your family for many years.

Whether you plan a fun, summer pool party for the kids, after-dinner swim party for your friends or a relaxing day in the spa for yourself, you will love the benefits of adding a pool or spa to your landscape.

Swimming pools and spas can be designed and built in various sizes and shapes with beautiful custom features like water slides, waterfalls, fountains, underwater jets and lighting, tanning ledges and steps.

If you have a large back yard, a rectangular or square-shaped pool can be built larger and deeper.

For a small yard, an oval- shaped pool or a lap pool will take up less yard space. A heated pool and spa will allow you to enjoy the outdoors all year, even during a cold New Jersey fall and winter.

Outdoor Waterfall or Fountain

Imagine the relaxing sounds of water trickling down a beautiful custom waterfall or fountain in your landscape.

Building an outdoor waterfall or fountain in your backyard will immediately create an outdoor atmosphere of tranquility and a special landscape focal point.

As part of your landscape services in NJ, your landscape contractor can build a natural rock waterfall that flows into a pond or a modern concrete waterfall that flows into a swimming pool.

There are many options for style and materials, as well as sizes and shapes. If you want to conserve water and save money, ask your contractor to add a pump that re-circulates water or connects to some type of irrigation system for your landscape.

Backyard Pond

A relaxing outdoor pond will create a tranquil backyard environment and provide a unique focal point in your landscape.

You can design a simple pond filled with plants and foliage that blends quietly into your landscape or a custom Koi pond that will intrigue your guests for hours.

With soft underwater lighting and a relaxing bench nearby, your backyard pond will provide a serene spot in your landscape where you will enjoy spending your time.

Talk to your landscape contractor about maintenance and cleaning as part of your regular landscape services in NJ.

Outdoor Driveway and Walkways

When family and friends come for a visit, a beautiful driveway and custom walkway will provide an inviting entrance to your home.

Although these outdoor features are common to many homes, homeowners often overlook the impact they have on a home’s appearance and property value.

In the front yard, a pristine driveway and walkway bordered by beautiful plants or flowers and landscape lighting will create a welcoming ambiance and boost curb appeal.

In the back yard, a custom walkway will provide visual interest, texture and color to the landscape.

Outdoor walkways in non-slip materials like concrete, brick or stone pavers will provide a safe foot path for your guests while they’re visiting your home.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a simple, inexpensive outdoor feature that will have a big impact on your landscape.

When the sun goes down, it will highlight interesting architectural materials and features on your house, create soft, inviting atmosphere in your landscape and provide extra safety around your home.

You can select from a variety of fixture types like spots, pathway lights and motion detectors with solar-power, low-voltage and LED lighting.

Fixtures are available in numerous styles and beautiful outdoor finishes like bronze, brass, copper, brushed nickel and stainless steel to compliment any style of home.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are often necessary to stabilize hillsides and steep slopes that are prone to soil erosion.

They must be strong enough to hold back the weight of the soil and keep the ground from moving and shifting during storms and rainfall.

Retaining walls require specialized construction knowledge, so it’s best to hire a reputable, experience landscape contractor like Borst Landscape & Design who has built them before.

It’s important that the wall is built high enough, strong enough and with proper materials to ensure that it does not crack or collapse under pressure.

French Drains

If you have a problem with standing water or uneven irrigation in your landscape, talk to your Bergen County landscape contractor about installing a French drain as part of your landscape services in NJ.

Drainage problems can cause significant damage to your landscape, as well as your home’s foundation and basement if they aren’t resolved rather quickly.

They can also create problems with outdoor insects like mosquitoes, flies and ants, as well as rodents and small animals.

Installing a French drain will prevent drainage problems and provide a safer, pest-free outdoor environment for your family and pets.