15 Landscaping Blogs That You’ll Love

If you’re interested in landscaping, reading landscaping blogs is a great way to gain education on a variety of topics and find local resources for all of your landscaping needs. You can pick up great design tips on everything from creating a container garden to building a lovely gazebo in your back yard. Along with helpful information on every landscaping subject imaginable, you’ll be inspired by beautiful photography that encourages your love for landscaping.

Whether you’re an experienced, professional landscape contractor or a beginning gardener, landscaping blogs can be great resources to learn new things. Whatever your landscaping interests and passions, there’s a blog out there that will inspire you to pursue them. Although all blogs have a different approach to information, you’re sure to find the ones that you enjoy. Here are 15 landscaping blogs that we think you’ll love.

1. Hanselman Landscape and Gardenslandscaping blogs

Located in Maheim, PA, Hanselman Landscape and Gardens provides landscape and garden design, care and maintenance and specialty nursery care for residential projects. Their landscaping blogs and creative designs focus on Japanese gardens, water gardens, courtyard gardens, children’s gardens and swimming pool landscaping. Their blogs bring a unique sense of creativity with important design advice for readers. With colorful images and easy-to-read articles, their blogs are inspirational and give a lot of good ideas for unique specialty gardens.

As a family-owned business for more than 25 years, Hanselman Landscape and Gardens has been designing uniquely beautiful landscapes for private and corporate clients in Lancaster, as well as surrounding areas in Hershey, Chester, York, Harrisburg and Montgomery Counties.

2. Chaparral Landscapinglandscaping blogs

Chaparral Landscaping, located in Santa Maria, CA., is a full-service landscape company that focuses on the design and installation of outdoor features and hardscapes. They build and install walkways and pathways, patios, retaining walls, interlocking paver driveways, outdoor water features and landscape lighting. Since they’re located in California, a drought prone area, landscaping often focuses on drought-tolerant plants, shrubs and trees that promote water conservation. They also promote and install artificial turf, a landscaping choice that’s becoming a popular option for California homeowners.

With over 25 years of professional experience and a great crew, Chaparral Landscaping has become one of the leading installers of beautiful, cost-efficient residential landscaping on California’s central coast.

3. Backyard Bloggerlandscaping blogs

Backyard Blogger is written by a self taught home gardener in Texas who simply has a passion for landscaping and gardening. Landscaping blogs are easy-to-read and follow for beginners and more experienced gardeners. You’ll find wonderful blogs on landscaping and planting, flower gardens, edible gardens and pruning schedules and techniques. There’s a variety of unique and interesting topics like green gardening gift ideas, gardening with kids, garden to table cooking, seasonal garden ideas and water saving tips for hot and humid Texas landscapes. These blogs take a no-frills approach to landscaping and gardening and provide a lot of basic advice.

4. Sparrow Landscapinglandscaping blogs

Sparrow is a beautiful blog site with easy-to-read articles and inspiring photography. The focus is on building a harmonious balance between landscaping, nature and wildlife. With the use of native plants and specialty gardens, Sparrow will inspire you to get in touch with nature. You’ll find a variety of educational articles about flowers, butterflies, wildlife and furry little critters who often want to nest in your landscape. Many of the landscape photos show more casual, natural landscapes rather than well-manicured ones with lots of structure and order. However, that’s what’s interesting about these landscaping blogs that promote a more natural link between man and nature.

As a full service native landscaping company in Oxford, WI., Sparrow does a great job promoting their passion of natural environments. Owner, Jennifer Baker, is a landscape contractor who has won two Best of Houzz Badges in 2014 and 2015 for outstanding landscaping services.

5. Dirt Simplelandscaping blogs

Dirt Simple is the blog of landscape and garden designer Deborah Silver in Sylvan Lake, Michigan. Although her formal education was in English literature and biology, she worked in a nursery to support herself through school and developed a passion for landscaping and gardening. She also worked as a watercolor and pastel artist which inspired much of her creative vision that shows up in her landscaping projects. Deborah’s love for landscape design and gardening combined with her creative eye makes her landscaping blogs beautiful and inspiring to read. Since 1986, she has evolved to become one of the most respected landscape designers and gardeners in the Detroit area. Her blogs are full of beautiful images and design tips that make you want to run out and plant a garden!

As a landscape designer, Deborah opened her landscape office, Deborah Silver and Co, in 1986.  That was followed by a retail store, Detroit Garden Works, devoted to specialty plants and unusual garden ornaments in 1996, then by a studio branch for manufacturing garden ornaments in 2004.

6. Bonza Landscaping & Hardscapinglandscaping blogs

Bonza Landscaping is located in Norristown, PA. They take a simple, direct approach to educating their readers and customers with their landscaping blogs. Topics cover a wide range of landscaping and hardscaping interests such as preparing your lawn for summer heat, installing a new patio, outdoor landscape features, landscape lighting and holiday decorating ideas for your landscape. Their landscapes, as well as their blogs, focus on simplicity and a design approach with more traditional appeal for Pennsylvania homeowners and businesses.

7. A Way To Gardenlandscaping blogs

A Way To Garden is one of the best educational blogs you’ll find. With a focus on gardening, you’ll find great articles on all types of plants, flowers, shrubs and trees, annuals, perennials and bulbs, vegetable and edible gardens and landscape design ideas. Blogs contain a large list of “how-to” posts on a wide range of subjects from composting to outdoor pests and diseases. Organic gardening is a popular topic, as well as interesting posts on nature-related subjects and garden FAQs.

Margaret Roach, the blogger, has years of gardening experience, and she is also the former garden editor for Martha Stewart Living. She lives and gardens in Columbia County, New York (planting zone 5B), bordering the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts. Ms. Roach also hosts a weekly public radio podcast on National Public Radio and has written five books on gardening.

8. 66 Square Feetlandscaping blogs

66 Square Feet is a unique, informative blog site that focuses on gardening and landscaping for small outdoor spaces and urban rooftops. You’ll find wonderful landscaping blogs, design tips and photos for rooftop garden ideas in New York City, Brooklyn, the Bronx and various urban areas throughout New York and New Jersey. Although most landscaping blogs are geared toward homeowners with great yards, this one focuses on people who choose to live in urban areas where living spaces are small, and there’s no such thing as a back yard. 66 Square Feet is inspiring for all those city dwellers out there!

Marie Viljoen, the blogger, was born in Bloemfontein, located to Cape Town as a child, then moved to New York City where she has evolved as a writer and avid garden enthusiast.

9. Avant Gardening & Landscapinglandscaping blogs

Located in McFarland, WI, Avant Gardening & Landscaping is a full-service landscape company for residential and commercial customers. They provide basic landscape maintenance services, design and build services and commercial snow removal services. Their landscaping blogs are educational, and they offer readers good design ideas and “how to” tips on a wide range of topics. They have a mobile nursery that offers beautiful perennials that are grown locally in the area. They also have an annual Garden Expo that’s held on premises and offers over 150 free seminars and demonstrations to learn the latest in gardening and landscaping trends. What a great educational tool for the community!

Liza Lightfoot, president of Avant, comes from a family with three decades of experience in the landscaping industry. Today, her focus is on creating beautiful, sustainable landscapes that promote a better environment.

10. Borst Landscape & Designlandscaping blogs

Borst Landscape & Design is an award-winning landscape company located in Allendale, NJ. With over 25 years of experience and as a consecutive winner of the NJLCA Residential and Commercial Landscape Maintenance Award, they are one of the most respected authorities on landscape design in New Jersey. Their blogs offer readers valuable, educational landscape information on a wide range of topics with focus on educating the reader. As a full-service landscape company, Borst has a well-educated and trained staff who can provide a variety of services including lawn care and maintenance, organic lawn care, pest control, garden design, design/build services for outdoor landscape features and landscape lighting.

The president and owner, Mark Borst, is an accredited landscape architect and member of the Professional Landcare Network Association. With a large team of qualified experts, Borst Landscape & Design can tackle any type and size of landscaping project. They provide both residential and commercial landscape maintenance, as well as landscape packages to New Jersey homeowners in Bergen County.

11. Birds & Bloomslandscaping blogs

Birds & Blooms offers great landscaping blogs that focus on creating a natural eco-system that supports a natural interaction between birds and flowers in the landscape. If you’re interested in attracting beautiful birds to your landscape and garden, this is the perfect blog site to learn how to do it. You can learn about flowers that attract birds, bees and butterflies and create a balanced eco-system that will sustain them. There’s also posts about bird feeding and feeders, birdbaths and natural ponds and specialty plantings that attract various bird species to your landscape.

Birds & Blooms has a great team of bloggers who are educated and trained gardening experts, horticulturists and arborists. By following this unique blog, you’ll learn a lot about beautiful birds and colorful flowers.

12. Unique Landscapeslandscaping blogs

Unique landscapes, located in Phoenix, Arizona provides beautiful photography and informative landscaping blogs on both landscape and swimming pool design. If you’re interested in unique swimming pools and spas, this site will certainly be inspiring. Blog topics focus on beautiful pools and spas for all types of homes, as well as care and maintenance issues. Unique Landscapes offers great advice on pool amenities like floor cleaners, heaters, underwater lighting, underwater shelves, swim-up bars and outdoor misting systems. You’ll get a lot of inspiring design ideas through this blog.

Unique Landscapes was ranked among the top landscape companies in the Phoenix area from 2010 through 2014. To complement their #1 landscape ranking, Unique Custom Pools, ranked #3 in custom pool and spa designs in Phoenix, recently received the Best of Houzz Design Award in 2015.

13. Ledge and Gardenslandscaping blogs

Ledge and Gardens won the “Best Garden Blog Award” from Horticulture Magazine in 2012. Their garden design blogs discuss various landscape and garden topics, smart gardening techniques and plants that are to their Rhode Island location. This blog site is loaded with helpful landscape information and great links to horticulture guides, a wildflower directory, a Latin botanical names directory; the Garden Guys Radio Show; and the University of Maryland Plants Diagnostics Guide. You can’t ask for much more educational help than that!

Layanee DeMerchant, an avid garden enthusiast and blogger, resides in  Northwestern Rhode Island. This blog is simple, but offers a lot of useful information to help you become a better gardener.

14. Pith & Vigorlandscaping blogs

A stylish looking blog that appeals to beginners and professionals alike, Pith & Vigor has a great layout that’s easy to follow. Managed and written by a Boston-based writer, Rochelle Greayer, landscaping blogs are full of helpful information, design tips and garden advice. Launched in 2008, Pith & Vigor blogs have been voted the “best garden design blog” by the US Mouse and Trowel Awards in 2013. With inspiring photography, these blogs offer readers a variety of landscaping topics and accurate information. Blogs are well-written, organized and very educational. More like this please!

15. Neave Landscapinglandscaping blogs

Neave Landscaping, a full-service landscaping contractor in New York, is unique because they have a separate blog for each of their four divisions: pools, sports, landscaping and décor. All of their blogs are light-hearted and take a playful approach to serious topics. Although blogs are easy and fun to read, they are quite educational on a variety of topics related to each division. Neave’s landscaping blogs cover a variety of topics on their main landscape services including landscape design, landscape service and maintenance, design/build construction and gardens for residential, commercial and institutional clients through New York areas.

With more than 40 years of experience and four New York locations, Neave Landscaping is equipped to handle large projects within nine New York districts, as well as certain parts of Western Connecticut.