Landscaping Prices in Bergen County: You Get What You Pay For

1.jpgHiring the best landscape contractor for your northern NJ home is a challenging task. There are various landscape companies in the Bergen County and Passaic County areas, but it’s hard to know who’s best and who offers landscaping prices that fit your budget.

When you hire a landscape professional, you want someone who provides quality work, reputable services and reasonable landscaping prices. Hiring the wrong contractor can result in unsatisfactory work and projects that are not what you bargained for. It’s important to hire the right landscape contractor that will give you the best possible services and top-quality work to ensure a professional job. Here are some tips that will help you hire the best and avoid the worst.

Finding The Best Landscape Company

The first step in hiring the best is locating several landscape companies in your area to choose from. You should talk to at least three contractors to get the best landscaping prices. Where do you begin? What’s the best way to locate the best landscaping company?

  • Get Referrals – Your friends, family and neighbors can be a great place to start. Ask them for recommendations for landscape contractors they have worked with and find out if they are satisfied with the services performed and get information on any completed projects. Satisfied customers will be happy to share information.
  • Check Online – Reputable landscape companies will certainly have websites in today’s computer-driven world. Professional companies rely heavily on their websites for advertising and getting new business, so you can easily research a company’s history and services and view photos of completed projects.
  • Make Phone Calls – Check online and in your local phone book for Bergen County landscape companies. Make a few phone calls to inquire about available landscaping services, landscaping prices and other types of projects they can do. If you feel comfortable with the phone conversation, set up a meeting at your home to discuss your landscaping needs.
  • Visit Nurseries – A great way to get good referrals and names of reputable landscape companies is by visiting local nurseries. They sell plants and retail landscaping supplies on a regular basis and know reputable landscape contractors that they can recommend. They probably know the best, as well as the worst options and have a good understanding of landscaping prices.

Landscaping PricesSchedule a Site Visit

After you do some research, you’ll have a better idea of the landscape companies you like best. Select three choices and schedule a meeting with each contractor at your home so they can take a look at your existing landscape and discuss your needs. Ask them to bring a company brochure with a list of available services if they have one. A brochure may not include landscaping prices since they can vary so much with each property.

Meeting the landscape contractor with a personal site visit can tell you a lot about the quality of work you can expect. Pay attention to important questions – Did they show up on time for the appointment? Did they seem knowledgeable and professional? Did they explain the services they can provide? Did you feel confident in their ability? Would you feel comfortable working with them?

The landscape contractor you want to hire will arrive on time in professional company attire prepared to discuss your landscape requirements for your home. Look for a professional attitude, landscape knowledge, professional experience and dependable qualities. Avoid companies that show up late, unprepared and unprofessional. Your first meeting can be a good indicator of the type of service and work you’ll receive. As they say, first impressions are everything!

Landscaping PricesGet Estimates

After you meet with contractors to discuss your landscape needs, get estimates from each one based on your discussion. Be clear about your wants and needs with each contractor so estimates will come back with the same services, otherwise comparing landscaping prices will be very difficult.

Don’t be fooled into thinking price is everything. If you hire a landscape company without looking at the complete package, chances are you will get into trouble more times than not. Basing your decision on price alone is a bad idea. You always need to consider important information about the landscape contractor that can impact the quality of work you’ll receive:

  • References (check with the most recent references)
  • Satisfied Customers
  • Years in businesses
  • Professional reputation
  • Professional qualifications
  • Professional affiliations
  • Licenses and insurance
  • Quality of past work
  • Necessary time to complete your projects
  • Available start time (don’t hire a landscape company that can’t get to you for six months)
  • Warranties (check warranties and what they include)

Landscaping PricesNote that price is not even on this list! Naturally, landscaping prices are important, but the point is to look for a professional who provides quality work that you’ll be happy with. The old saying – you get what you pay for – is usually true!

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