How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace in Bergen County, NJ the Right Way

how to build an outdoor fireplace in bergen county, nj the right wayIf you enjoy the feel of a cozy fire, you may be considering adding an outdoor fireplace to your backyard.

When it comes to learning how to build an outdoor fireplace in Bergen County, NJ, it is actually quite complicated, as each step requires a particular set of skills and expertise.

If not constructed properly, an outdoor fireplace could require extensive and ongoing repairs or even be unsafe to use, which would suddenly make having one not so enjoyable after all.

Laying the Foundation

Before you actually learn how to build an outdoor fireplace, you’ll need to first figure out how to lay the foundation for one. In order to lay a good foundation, the ground will need to be perfectly level. For an amateur builder, this can be difficult to determine with the naked eye. You’ll need to be familiar with how to use a level in order to know when your ground has been perfectly prepared for a foundation.

f you’re not familiar with pouring or laying concrete, you could also end up with an unstable foundation, even if your ground is perfectly level. This could cause the fireplace to lean to one side or the other, sink into the ground, or even topple after some time. You could wind up paying more money in the long run, since you would likely need to have contractors to demolish the old structure before building a new one in its place.

Designing the Structure

Part of learning how to build an outdoor fireplace involves designing the structure. It’s important that the firebox, flue and chimney all be perfectly proportioned. That way, the fire will be properly contained, and smoke will rise rather than being pushed outward.

If you’ve never designed a fireplace before, you could wind up with a structure that doesn’t work right, or even worse, does not meet local building codes. For this reason, the planning and design of an outdoor fireplace should be left to the professionals.

Laying Brick

Bricklaying on the surface seems like such a simple task; however, the fact is that it is actually a very fine craft. A great deal of skill goes into laying brick, especially when building fireplaces. These structures must be rigid and functional; otherwise, cracked or crumbling bricks could cause injury or allow a fire to spread in your backyard.

You could even be liable for damages if your guests are injured or a fire was to spread to a neighbor’s property.  If you do decide to lay the brick yourself, make sure to spend time watching training videos, and then practice with a few pieces of old brick first. Seek the advice of a professional when choosing brick and mortar, since many materials do not stand up well under intense heat.

There’s a lot to consider when learning how to build an outdoor fireplace, and every single detail involved in the process is important. Rather than risk performing this job incorrectly, you can have an outdoor fireplace in your Bergen County home professionally installed by calling Borst Landscape & Design.