Snow & Ice Removal in Bergen County: Business Owner’s Guide

Snow & Ice Removal in Bergen CountyAs a Bergen County business owner, you strive to maintain excellent customer service year-round, even in harsh winter temperatures. In northern New Jersey, snowstorms can bring up to 30 inches of snow that can easily strand you and your customers.

Snow & ice removal in Bergen County is a winter necessity for business owners. If you want to keep your business operational, it’s essential to keep your entrances, sidewalks, walkways, driveways and parking lots around your business cleared of snow and ice. A clear path to your door is important to keep your employees and customers safe.

Snow and Ice Dangers Snowstorms

It only takes two inches of snow to create hazardous driving conditions that can disrupt your daily routine. Even small amounts of snow can cause traffic jams and accidents, especially if the snow freezes and turns into ice. When snow levels are in excess of 6 inches, many cities just shut down. Traffic comes to a halt, municipal and school buses don’t run and businesses often shut down. In northern NJ, where snow levels can reach 20 to 30 inches, snow & ice removal in Bergen County is not an option, it’s a necessity.

Large snowstorms can create dangerous conditions for your business. A snowstorm that drops just 6 inches of snow can make unplowed roadways impassable, leaving you and your employees stranded. If snow exceeds 12 inches, the weight of the snow can cave in rooftops and bring down trees and power poles causing power outages with dangling, open power lines.

Many businesses plan for winter conditions by preparing for snow & ice removal service in the late summer. With proper planning, your snow and ice removal prices can be figured into your annual business plan and budget. Make sure your business doesn’t suffer down time that can cost you customers and revenue. Talk to a qualified, professional company who provides snow & ice removal in Bergen County about services and rates that meet your business needs.

Snow & Ice Removal in Bergen CountyFreezing Rain and Ice

Heavy showers with freezing rain cause one of the most dangerous types of winter storms. A snowstorm with freezing rains can paralyze an entire city. Driving conditions become extremely hazardous very quickly and telephone and power lines get damaged. This can create mobility and communication problems that may render your business non-operational.

Protect Your Business

Snowstorms, freezing rain, sleet and ice are all unpredictable forces of nature. It’s impossible to know when they will occur and how much snow and ice they will bring with them. To protect your business operations and the safety of your customers and employees, hire a well-trained company for snow & ice removal in Bergen County. It’s important to discuss your needs and create a business plan of action before winter arrives. Your contractor can provide you with accurate information on available services and rates for commercial snow and ice removal for your business property.

Professional contractors charge for snow and ice removal services based on your needs. Rates can vary based on the amount of snow to be removed, the size of your property, necessary equipment and weather conditions. Here are some important factors to consider when planning your needs.

  • Do you need to clear walkways and sidewalks?
  • Do you need to clear a driveway?
  • Do you need to clear a parking lot?
  • Do you need sanding or salting?
  • Do you want melting services?
  • Do you have a snow removal contract in place?

Important Snow Removal Services to Look For 24/7 Emergency Response

Reputable contractors who handle snow & ice removal in Bergen County will offer emergency response services. These companies monitor daily weather conditions to keep customers informed on changing weather patterns that include upcoming storms and special weather alerts. Customers are updated by emails, phone calls or website alerts on scheduled snow removal services and any changes due to road closures, traffic jams and hazardous conditions.

Hire a professional contractor with an emergency response system in place. They are well-prepared and ready to respond with the proper equipment, scheduled route information and a trained dispatcher to coordinate the necessary equipment.

Commercial Snow Plowing RatesMelting Services

Professional contractors who handle snow & ice removal in Bergen County should be well-trained and equipped to use special melting products that clear snow and ice quickly to keep your business open and give your customers and employees safe access.

  • De-icing – De-icing uses snow and ice melting products that are necessary to clear hard-packed snow or sheets of ice from streets, sidewalks, driveways and parking lots. De-icing is normally done after snow removal and may require several applications.
  • Anti-Icing – Anti-icing uses snow and ice melting products that are applied before snow removal is done. These products prevent snow and ice from bonding to concrete or asphalt surfaces creating slippery, dangerous conditions which can cause your customers and employees to slip and fall.
  • Magic Salt – Magic Salt, a product used in snow & ice removal in Bergen County, will remove snow and ice in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit. The product contains molasses which causes snow and ice to melt slower with less runoff.

Safety Equipment

Hire a professional contractor with the proper equipment to handle your needs without creating any damages to your property. Look for a reputable company with state-of-the-art equipment that can move large quantities of snow and ice quickly and easily to keep your business up and running. Operating your business during or after a snowstorm is hard enough, so make sure you hire the right professional for your snow & ice removal in Bergen County.

Snow and ice removal is often done in adverse weather conditions in early morning or late evening hours to clear roadways, sidewalks, driveways and parking lots. Find a qualified, professional Bergen County contractor who is knowledgeable and well-equipped to provide the best commercial snow and ice removal services for your property with fast, safe and effective results.