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For over 30 years, Borst has been the #1 choice for organic lawn care, dedicated to enhancing your lawn’s beauty while ensuring the safety of your children and pets.

“The Borst team has been servicing my property (lawn, tree, and shrub) maintenance for the last 3 years and it’s never looked better.”

An Organic Lawn Care Partner you can trust

Our natural lawn care services use a science-based approach to nurture healthy grass all year long. By supporting grass blades as well as preparing and conditioning the soil where grass takes root, we promote robust plants that can fight disease, pests, and weeds naturally. What you get is a safer way to keep your lawn, family, and environment healthy. What you see is a verdant natural lawn.

Our Effective 5-Step
Natural Lawn Care Program

Expert Maintenance & Customer Experience

Holistic Natural Lawn Care

Our comprehensive approach includes proper watering, aeration, fertilization, thatch control, and monitoring for weeds, disease, and pests. We take the long view to promote the perennial, holistic health of your grass.

Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Our year-round organic lawn fertilizer program focuses on adding customized blends of organic matter to your soil. The right nutrients and conditioners promote healthy plants and ideal growing conditions.

Seasonal Support

Changing seasons means your lawn requires different support throughout the year. Periodic soil testing, seasonal clean-ups, and organic lawn fertilizer applied with the proper recipe and timing are integral to our comprehensive natural lawn care.

Traditional Treatments
Only When Needed

Some infestations require treatment with non-organic materials. The Borst Organic approach utilizes minimal amounts of traditional treatments and applies them only to the affected area of your natural lawn, and only as needed.

Expert Maintenance &
Customer Experience

Your grass is healthy from root to tip but it must be maintained properly to look its best. Expert mowing with precision tools is part of what keeps your natural lawn beautiful.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Be the envy of the neighborhood with visibly greener, lusher grass

Why You Should Switch to Our Organic, Natural Lawn Care Program

Healthy plants mean a healthy lawn. Natural lawn care is an investment in the longevity of your lawn and its overall health over time. And the result of supporting the whole plant is a beautiful, lush, disease-tolerant natural lawn. Your natural lawn will benefit from enhanced water retention and that means less waste and better drought tolerance.

A beautiful, greener, robust lush lawn

Natural lawn care means fewer weeds, disease, and brown spots because the plants are supported by healthy soil and this bolsters their natural defenses.

Safer Ingredients for People, Pets and the Planet

By using our Organic lawn fertilizer you avoid chemical buildup where your family relaxes and plays.

Excellent Customer Service

We have been serving your area for over 30 years and take pride in our work. We are proud to have some of the best customer service in the industry.

Getting Started with
Borst Organic is Simple

Get In Touch

Reach out to us with your questions about our organic, natural lawn care, or just let us know what services you are interested in. We are easy to get in touch with!

We Follow Up

A friendly Borst team member will follow up with you about the services you are interested in and discuss any specific problems your lawn may have.

Receive An Estimate

Our team will determine the square footage of the property. This can be done on the computer in the office or we’ll schedule a visit to your property within the week.

Schedule Services

Once the details are set, we’ll send a digital proposal via email and wait for your signature. When we receive the signed proposal, you’ll be added to the schedule.

Organic and Natural Lawn Care Services

from Borst Organic.

Soil Testing   –   Natural Aeration   –   Organic Natural Fertilizer   –   Natural Thatch Control   –   Root Stimulation
Secondary Micronutrients   –   Integrative Pest Control.

Soil Testing

The soil is where all plant life and health begins. Therefore testing your soil will help determine the necessary custom recipe to create a healthy soil environment for your lawn. A soil test is a necessary first step if you are transitioning to natural lawn care, and will be used periodically to check the balance of nutrients in the soil as conditions change over time.

Organic Natural Fertilizer

Using organic fertilizers as part of your natural lawn care will help build a balanced foundation for both your soil and turf, making your lawn more disease-resistant. As organic fertilizers break down, they release nutrients and actually improve the structure of the soil over time.

Integrative Pest Control

In a natural lawn, most pests and weeds are manageable through manual removal or through maintaining nature’s balance. With productive soil, your resilient natural lawn will naturally eliminate some of the problem bugs and weeds. Sometimes pests and weeds will require a traditional treatment in order to eliminate them, but Borst believes in applying the smallest effective amount of these chemicals and only to the affected area.

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