Keeping your lawn lush and green year-round requires proper care and maintenance. Making sure your lawn gets the right nutrients is essential for healthy grass growth, strong root systems and weed control. At Borst Landscape & Design, we provide two types of important fertilization programs for Northern NJ homeowners.

The Optimum Organic Program

Our Optimum Organic Program provides Bergen County residents a balanced diet of NPk + 9 nutrients that promote strong, healthy root growth and improve the overall condition of your soil. The Optimum Organic Program includes the Basic Turf Program plus the following:

  • Natural Aeration: Done twice each season, it helps to allow nutrients and oxygen into the root zone.
  • Root Stimulants and Developers: Applied periodically during season, they promote strong, deep roots for protection from drought, insects and disease.
  • Natural Thatch Control: It provides 100% natural thatch digestion to stop new growth, but will not eliminate any existing thatch layer in your yard.
  • Secondary Micronutrients: Applied three times during season, these essential nutrients are necessary to maintain a healthy lawn.
  • Soil Test: A soil test is performed once every three years. By having your soil tested, we can determine which nutrients are present and which ones need to be added. We can also determine the Ph level in the soil and add lime if needed.

Consecutive winner of the NJLCA Residential and Commercial Landscape Maintenance Award, Borst Landscape & Design is an award-winning professional landscape company that’s been serving Bergen County and surrounding areas for over 25 years.

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