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Our natural lawn care services use a science-based approach to nurture healthy grass all year long. By supporting grass blades as well as preparing and conditioning the soil where grass takes root, we promote robust plants that can fight disease, pests, and weeds naturally. What you get is a safer way to keep your lawn, family, and environment healthy. What you see is a verdant natural lawn.

Our Effective 5-Step
Natural Lawn Care Program

Holistic Natural Lawn Care

Our comprehensive approach includes proper watering, aeration, fertilization, thatch control, and monitoring for weeds, disease, and pests. We take the long view to promote the perennial, holistic health of your grass.

Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Our year-round organic lawn fertilizer program focuses on adding customized blends of organic matter to your soil. The right nutrients and conditioners promote healthy plants and ideal growing conditions.

Seasonal Support

Changing seasons means your lawn requires different support throughout the year. Periodic soil testing, seasonal clean-ups, and organic lawn fertilizer applied with the proper recipe and timing are integral to our comprehensive natural lawn care.

Traditional Treatments
Only When Needed

Some infestations require treatment with non-organic materials. The Borst Organic approach utilizes minimal amounts of traditional treatments and applies them only to the affected area of your natural lawn, and only as needed.

Expert Maintenance &
Customer Experiance

Your grass is healthy from root to tip but it must be maintained properly to look its best. Expert mowing with precision tools is part of what keeps your natural lawn beautiful.

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