Why Organic?

Borst Landscape & Design has long been at the forefront as advocates for an organic, sustainable approach to lawn, tree and shrub care, offering the most environmentally sensitive treatment options available. By working in harmony with nature, your landscape can flourish while remaining safe for you, your family and your pets.


With an organic program, children can play in the yard without worry.


Pets can explore your landscape without the fear of ingesting harmful chemicals.


Enjoy a landscape that works in concert with nature’s own checks and balances.

The Organic Results

Our organic lawn care program available to Bergen County and northern NJ residents and business owners stresses natural aeration, root stimulation, natural thatch control and the use of secondary micronutrients to improve the overall condition of your soil by promoting healthier and stronger root growth.

Organic lawn care maintenance protects and nurtures your landscape.

A garden that is organically treated can flourish all season long.

Maintain healthy hedges that will accent your landscape and protect your privacy.

Whether pruning or completely re-fertilizing, organic shrub care elevates your landscape.

Trees remain healthy with our organic, deep root fertilization program.

Plant health care specialists ensure your plantings are free of insects or diseases.

Committed to being the best…naturally.®

While there are some infestations that still require treatment with non-organic materials, at Borst we believe in applying those treatments only to the affected area and only as needed. This is a departure from the common industry practice of applying a series of as many as five “blanket” chemical treatments.


Our System is Beau Borst-Approved!

Beau firmly believes that chemicals are overused by many Bergen County landscaping companies. That’s why we’ve perfected an organic lawn care service and an organic tree & shrub care service.

Organic Landscaping Services

Borst Landscape & Design is the leader in organic landscaping services in New Jersey, including organic lawn care maintenance and organic tree & shrub care services.

When you think organic, think Borst!

A Customized Organic Plan

We use a customized blend of organic nutrients and soil conditioners to promote optimal plant health, improve disease resistance and maintain healthy growing conditions.

We Start at the Roots

Our program stresses natural aeration, root stimulation and secondary micronutrients to improve soil condition by promoting healthier and stronger root growth.

Organic First…Always.

While there may be times when non-organic treatments are required, we believe in applying those treatments only to the affected area and only as needed. At Borst, we’re committed to being the best, naturally.®

Safety First

Our organic lawn care program uses safe materials to ensure that not only your lawn is protected, but you, your family and your pets as well.

Guardian Integrated Pest Management

This is our most environmentally sensitive option. It will significantly reduce the amount of chemicals used on your property by targeting specific problem areas and avoiding unnecessary “blanket” sprays.

Comprehensive Reports

Complete, detailed diagnostic report are provided after every visit informing you of our findings and any treatments that may have been performed.

Routine Inspections Ensure No Pests or Diseases

A plant health care specialist will visit your property seven times during the year to do a thorough inspection of your plants and trees. Any insects or diseases detected will be treated as needed.

Professional Pruning

We offer pruning services throughout the season to help improve the natural appearance, longevity and health of your trees and shrubs.

Make your dream landscape a reality.