Commercial Snow and Ice Removal in Bergen County: What Business Owners Should Know

commercial snow and ice removal bergen countyWhen you live in Northern New Jersey, you have to be prepared for cold winters that bring a lot of snow and ice. If you’re a Bergen County business owner, that means protecting your business property from closure and hazardous conditions that can cost you customers and profits. Hiring a company to provide commercial snow and ice removal in Bergen County can keep winter operations profitable and safe.

Snowstorms that often bring freezing rain, sleet and ice are all unpredictable forces of nature, and it’s impossible to know when they will occur. Large snowstorms in the northeastern part of the country can quickly create dangerous road and property conditions. It only takes six inches of snow to create impassable road conditions and strand drivers and pedestrians. In Northern NJ, where snow levels can reach 20 inches, commercial snow and ice removal in Bergen County for your business isn’t an option, it’s a necessity!

Protect Your Business Operations

When you own a business where people come and go on a daily basis, a heavy snowstorm can have devastating consequences on your business operations. A winter snowstorm that drops 12 inches of snow can bring your business operations to a halt, preventing customers from entering or exiting your business location. It can also strand customers who are already on the premises for long periods of time. As snow accumulates on sidewalks, walkways, driveways and parking lots, it can prevent people from entering or exiting your business. Customers, as well as employees, can get stranded on your property with no way to get home. For corporate offices, condo and apartment complexes, restaurants and retail establishments, providing commercial snow and ice removal in Bergen County can prevent stranded employees, tenants and customers and keep your business operational without down time or disruptions.

When a snowstorm is accompanied by freezing rain and low overnight temperatures, thin sheets of ice can quickly form on asphalt and concrete surfaces like sidewalks and driveways causing dangerous, slippery conditions for you, your employees and your customers. According to workplace safety statistics, slip-and-fall accidents account for the major source of workplace injuries during winter months. To protect your employees and customers from injuries and your business from a potential personal injury lawsuit, talk to a Bergen County snow removal contractor and put a plan in place for commercial snow and ice removal services for your business before winter arrives.

commercial snow and ice removal bergen county

Hire the Best Company

Snow and ice removal is difficult work that must often be done in hazardous weather conditions and sub-zero temperatures. When you’re a business owner, DIY snow removal or hiring cheap day labor is not a good option. Although it may cost less, you could end up with property damages caused by untrained crews and faulty equipment. Commercial snow and ice removal in Bergen County requires skilled crews who can properly operate the heavy equipment used for safe and efficient snow removal.

To protect your business, employees and customers, hire a qualified snow removal company with knowledge and experience in Bergen County snow and ice removal. A reputable, experienced contractor will have well-trained crews and new, state-of-the-art equipment that clears large amounts of snow quickly from your property. Although professional services will cost more, they will ensure your business the least amount of disruption and down time and provide continual safety for your employees and customers. Keeping your business protected and operational will pay for the costs of professional services in a short time frame.

How to Compare Companies

When you’re looking for commercial snow and ice removal in Bergen County, it can be difficult to compare one company’s qualifications to another. To make your search easier, start by asking important questions that will qualify the company’s knowledge and professional experience in snow and ice removal services in Bergen County.

How long have you been in business?

Look for a company that’s been in business a while. Someone with 10 to 20 years of experience is certainly qualified and providing good work with a successful track record. A company with years of experience will provide quality, dependable service and well-trained snow removal crews.

How big is your company?

Typically, a larger company will have bigger crews and more office staff to handle work loads and service issues. This is especially important with unpredictable weather conditions that bring heavy snowstorms, blizzards and hazardous conditions. Make sure you hire a company that’s adequately staffed with snow removal crews to handle your specific business needs.

Are you licensed and insured?

A qualified company providing commercial snow and ice removal in Bergen County must be properly licensed and insured to do business. Since commercial snow removal is often done in hazardous weather conditions, crews must be well-trained and experienced with snow removal procedures and equipment. Look for a professional contractor with proper credentials to avoid problems.

commercial snow and ice removal bergen county

How to Compare Services

Although services for commercial snow and ice removal can vary based on property location, property size and terrain, equipment needed and the number of services scheduled, it’s important to protect your business by hiring a company that provides safe equipment, quality products, well-trained crews and emergency services.

What type of equipment do you use?

Equipment used for commercial snow and ice removal includes large trucks with heavy blades on the front to large amounts of snow quickly. Large rotary brooms, snow blowers, shovels and melting equipment is also used. Specific equipment can vary based on property requirements, but well-maintained, state-of-the-art equipment is necessary for efficiency and safety.

Do you provide emergency services?

A reputable, qualified snow removal company will provide 24/7 emergency response services for your business. With unpredictable winter weather, emergency services are essential for your business operation and safety. Look for a commercial snow removal contractor with trained dispatchers who can schedule a snow removal crew on short notice. Dispatchers will schedule route information and specific snow removal services for your business property. A 24/7 emergency response service will ensure that your business doesn’t have to close down during heavy snowstorms and emergency weather conditions.

Do you provide monitoring services?

The best companies for commercial snow and ice removal in Bergen County will provide important monitoring services that monitor daily weather conditions and keep you informed on changing weather patterns that can affect your business operations, including upcoming Bergen County storms and special weather alerts. Monitoring services also update you by emails, phone calls or website alerts on scheduled snow and ice management services for your business location and any changes in scheduling due to road closures, traffic problems and hazardous weather conditions.

Do you provide melting services?

Melting services are important to prevent snow buildup and icy conditions on asphalt and concrete surfaces like sidewalks, walkways, driveways and parking lots. These conditions can occur quickly and cause dangerous slip-and-fall accidents for customers and employees. Look for a professional contractor who’s experienced and knowledgeable with the use of top-quality deicing and anti-icing products like “Magic Salt” that help to melt snow and ice. Melting products are often combined with snow removal services to speed up the melting process.

Can I reach you in an emergency?

It’s important to hire a company that can be reached easily during an emergency. In a heavy snowstorm or blizzard, you may need commercial snow and ice removal in Bergen County on short notice. Hire a company with an adequate staff and crew that can be reached easily in an emergency situation. Trained dispatchers and professional crews that can respond quickly in unexpected snowstorms is essential to your business operations.

Do you provide melt/freeze services?

When it snows, it’s common for snow to melt during the day in the sun, then freeze overnight as temperatures drop. These melt/freeze conditions can cause icy property conditions quickly, even if snow was cleared the day before. Look for a company that will re-inspect your business property the next day to handle these conditions.

Plan Early for Services

It’s important to plan early for commercial snow and ice removal in Bergen County. You should plan for business service in the late summer or early fall so you have adequate time to create a workable plan that fits your specific property needs and budget. In Northern NJ, commercial snow removal companies book up quickly, so don’t wait until the first winter storm hits. With limited or unavailable services, your business can suffer down time and lost customers and revenue.

By planning early for snow removal services, you will ensure that your business stays up and running and your customers and employees stay safe. Planning early will also give you adequate time to meet with a professional contractor and determine a plan of action. After inspecting  your property and discussing your needs, the contractor can give you accurate rates for services. It’s important that the contractor is familiar with your property, exact requirements and budget before snow begins to fall. With unpredictable winter weather conditions, waiting too late to contract for commercial snow and ice removal in Bergen County can leave your business out in the cold with no protection.