Tree and Shrub Care
Service in Bergen County, NJ

Not only do  tree and shrub care services make your landscaping more beautiful, but it also makes growing plants less susceptible to attacks by insects and diseases and more able to tolerate environmental stresses. When we visit your property, we’ll work with you to come up with a plan to care for your decorative trees and shrubs accordingly. That includes everything from fertilizing in order to supplement the soil’s nutrients and provide more opportunity for plant growth to applying additional nutrients to increase the plant’s disease resistance, we’ll work tirelessly to figure out how to make your yard as beautiful as possible.

Worried about year-round beauty? Our spring, summer, and fall applications make it easy to create a beautiful yard all year, because we are the best tree and shrub care service provider in Bergen County, NJ. No matter where you live or how large your yard is, we can keep your trees and shrubs healthy, lush, and pest-free.

 Tree and Shrub Care Services

When you hire Borst, you’ll have access to the following tree and shrub care services:

  • Foliar Disease & Insect Control. Keep your plants healthy and blooming with outstanding disease and insect control services from Borst.
  • Deep Root Soil Conditioning Injection. While topical fertilizer can provide short-term results, it doesn’t go as far as it should for your plant’s wellbeing. This is where deep root soil conditioning injections come in. Designed to deliver nutrients to the root of the plant, this is an expeditious and intelligent way to feed your plants.
  • Natural Surface Feeding. Keep the surface of your lawn verdant and resilient with natural surface feeding.
  • Borer-Weevil Control. Borer-Weevils can wreak havoc on your landscaping. Control them with our organic pest control services.
organic tree and shrub care company nj
organic tree and shrub care company nj
  • Shrub Deep Root Feeding Injection. Your shrubs are both decorative and functional. Depending on the layout of your landscaping, they may be a design element or a property barrier. No matter what purpose they serve, deep root feeding injections can help keep them healthy and growing.
  • Mite and Scale Control. Mites and scale can take a large toll on your plants over time. By nipping them in the bud with our Mite and Scale Control services, you can enjoy healthier and more beautiful plants from start to finish.
  • Winter Overcoat Proactive Anti-Transpirants. Keep your plants healthy and safe from freezing all winter with our winter overcoat protective anti-transpirants.

Get the shape and appearance you want from your shrubs with professional pruning services.

The Benefits of Choosing
Tree and Shrub Care
Services in New Jersey

There are dozens of benefits of hiring professional pest management, tree care, and tree pruning services. Our services allow you to take a hands-off approach to your property. Enjoy a beautiful yard without breaking your back creating it. Our professionals will cater to your trees and shrubs and ensure they’re as healthy and resilient as they possibly can be.

organic tree and shrub care company nj

Guardian Integrated Pest Management for Tree and Shrub Care

The overuse of chemical pesticides is a concern to all of us. In an effort to provide better service to our clients and protect the environment, Borst Landscape & Design offers a Guardian Integrated Pest Management program.

This program is ideal for anyone who wants outstanding lawn care that’s also environmentally friendly. By taking advantage of the program, you will reduce the number of chemicals used on your property by avoiding unnecessary “blanket” sprays.

Why Choose Borst for your Tree and Shrub Care in Bergen County, NJ?

When it comes to your trees and shrubs, nothing but the best will do. Here at Borst, we specialize in offering tree care, pest management, and tree pruning services. Borst’s Tree & Shrub Care Program is here to provide you with pruning services to take you throughout the year with a healthy, beautiful landscape. Contact us today to learn more about our tree care service, or to speak with our team about how we’d manage your property.