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15 Questions to Ask a Lawn Care Company in New Jersey

By Borst Landscape | Lawn Care

Hiring a lawn care specialist in Begen County, NJ is a great way to ensure a green, healthy lawn year-round. Professional lawn care and maintenance will give you more free time for enjoyable activities with family and friends and provide quality care and dependable maintenance services for your lawn. If…

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Shrubs for Shade garden

The Best Shrubs for Shade Gardens in Bergen County, NJ

By Borst Landscape | Garden Design

Shade makes your backyard a haven, giving you shelter from the Bergen County heat and humidity, but when you are gardening, it can be a mixed blessing. Creating a beautiful garden when you are blessed with a shady yard can be quite challenging, but it’s not impossible. With the right…

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Top 25 Lawn Care Tips for New Jersey Homeowners

By Borst Landscape | Landscape Design, Lawn Care

It takes time, effort and a year-round commitment to keep a healthy green lawn. Mowing the lawn is just the beginning. A beautiful lawn requires expert plant knowledge, skill and landscape experience for proper care and the right products and equipment for proper maintenance. DIY lawn care is an option,…

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Best Landscape Design Blogs in 2019

By Borst Landscape | Landscape Design

A beautiful, well-maintained landscape is every homeowner’s dream, but achieving it requires time, effort and commitment, as well as landscape knowledge and practical skills. If you want to learn more about landscaping and pick up helpful tips on plant care and maintenance, a landscape design blog provides a great way…

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Homeowner’s Guide for Landscape Maintenance Services in NJ

By Borst Landscape | Landscape Maintenance

Although every homeowner wants a beautiful landscape that enhances their home, few have the time and energy to devote to year-round landscape care and maintenance. Hiring a professional landscape company for your landscape maintenance will ensure a lush green, healthy lawn and landscape. Professional landscape care and maintenance will give…

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lawn care company in nj

Q&A With a Top Lawn Care Company in NJ

By Borst Landscape | Landscape Maintenance

If you’re handling your own lawn care, you’re probably spending your weekends mowing the lawn, raking leaves and trimming plants and shrubs. A beautiful green lawn requires a year-round commitment to regular lawn care and maintenance, and that means yard work on most weekends for you. It may be time…

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