Commercial Snow Plowing Services in Bergen County, NJ

commercial snow plowing services Bergen County NJSnow plowing is a tough job. Any time it snows hard enough, it becomes a huge nuisance. Getting around becomes unsafe and just about every facet of life is affected.

While major roads and local streets are taken care of by local governing authorities, business owners are left to fend for themselves.
Without any way to remove snow from your location, customers won’t be able to get to you. This will drive down sales and profits, especially if it’s a harsh winter. You need the best commercial snow plowing services in Bergen County, NJ to keep your company up and running when the snow starts falling.

Best Snow Removal Service in Bergen County

Having a good commercial snow plowing company is crucial to keeping your business operating normally after a snowstorm leaves your parking lot and walkways covered. The people to call in Bergen County for commercial snow removal is Borst Landscape & Design.

Borst has been in the commercial snow plowing business in northern NJ for many years and can handle a job of any size. The company uses Magic Salt to help get rid of snow and ice. This non-toxic, biodegradable product is environmentally friendly and is less corrosive to concrete, brick and other paved surfaces than salt.

Borst Landscape & Design is the premier snow removal company of Bergen County and has a fleet of trucks equipped with state-of-the-art technology ready for when the next storm hits.

Snow Removal Services in Bergen County

Borst Landscape & Design provides commercial snow plowing services far and above any other company. Our snow removal services include:

  • Providing total site management for your business
  • Managing snow removal during the entire duration of the storm, from start to finish
  • Site inspections are performed the day after a storm to insure all areas are clear
  • If a melt and refreeze occurs services pick up again
  • Trucks with state-of-the-art and larger equipment than most other contractors
  • Monitoring extremely detailed weather reports before a storm occur
  • Using Magic Salt, an environmentally friendly snow removal product
  • Competent and Professional staff
  • Professional office staff providing assistance

Hiring Commercial Snow Plowing Services in Bergen County

Commercial snow plowing is a much needed service in northern New Jersey when a winter storm effects entry to your business site. Major roads and streets may be clear but you still have to get people into your parking lot.

This is where commercial snow plowing services come into play. For the best job you can get, contact Borst Landscape & Design to do the job. There is no compromise for quality and Borst will make sure your job is done right. The company will stick with you through any storm until the end.

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