Evergreen Screening is Your Solution to Year-Round, Low-Maintenance Privacy

evergreen screening

Evergreen screening is an easy, attractive solution to privacy at home.  


Evergreens are the ideal plants for privacy because they grow quickly and don’t lose their leaves in the winter. Evergreen screening can be an attractive and effective way to enjoy privacy at home. Read on here for helpful tips for planning a beautiful privacy solution for your home.

Borst Landscape & Design has over 30 years of experience bringing natural and organic methods to garden design-build and landscape maintenance. Partner with our expert designers to create a privacy screen that complements your landscape and your home. Then, work with us through installation and maintenance for results you can rely on. 

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Planting evergreen screening


Evergreen screening is a cost-effective, sustainable, and beautiful long-term solution for privacy at home. 

Here are some helpful tips to help you plan for the evergreen screen of your dreams: 


Choose the right plants for your growing conditions. Our team will assess your property and take into consideration sun exposure, soil conditions, and proximity to a street or other traffic to select plants that are best suited for where they will grow. 

You may be surprised by the options at hand for your evergreen screening. Rhododendrons, holly, and upright yews are evergreen species that grow well in partial shade. For full sun, consider arborvitae, juniper, or hinoki false cypress. 


Leave the right spacing to allow your plants to grow to maturity. Depending on the plants best suited for your property, we might recommend planting in a  zig-zag to allow all plants access to the sun. Zig-zag planting can also give a fuller visual effect. For narrow spaces where depth is limited, like against a building or fence, consider narrow growing species such as Italian Cyprus. 


Consider your functional needs. How tall will the screen need to be to provide the privacy you’re looking for? Are you looking to buffer wind or noise? If so, we might recommend a double row of plants to offer the protection you’re looking for.  


Consider timing. Evergreens like to be planted in early spring or late fall when temperatures are cooler and the soil is still warm. Cool conditions allow new plantings to establish a root system before the harsh conditions of summer or winter arrive.


Make sure you love the aesthetics. We are committed to bringing you a functional privacy solution that you also will love the look of. Our team will consult with you to understand your unique needs and tastes and deliver a look you will love.


Be patient. Often slower growing species have the most staying power. Patience early on tends to pay off in the long run with gorgeous, functional evergreen screening that’s easy to maintain.

Borst is your landscaping partner 

Evergreen screening adds year-round beauty and functional benefits to your property. From design through installation and maintenance, Borst is here to help. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining the most beautiful spaces in Bergen County.

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