The Comprehensive Landscaping Guide to Fall Decorating in Bergen County, NJ

Autumn is the time when decorating and landscaping go hand in hand. Fall decorating outdoors is just as important as it is inside to help you make the most of what nature already has on display during this season.

Talking with a seasonal display company is your best bet in ensuring you have a beautiful and festive landscape all season long!

Porches and Decks

Porches and decks really come alive when adorned with seasonal items such as pumpkins, gourds and corn stalks. Arrange these on stairs, railings or even a windowsill to help give the area some seasonal flair. Add some greenery to help accent them without drawing too much attention away. Some ideal plants to use are ivy, ferns and ornamental grasses, as these will all do well outdoors up until the first frost hits.

You could also place small bales of hay on your steps or railing, and then include some purple aster, goldenrod, Russian sage or perennial sunflower in small flowerpots on top of it. Hang a wreath with a few colorful strands of autumn leaves or pinecones on a porch column or your front door, and you’ll make the area seem very welcoming and inviting.

Waterfalls and Ponds

Waterfalls and ponds can benefit from fall decorating techniques as well. Since the days are shorter now, consider adding some LED pond lights to help give off a warm glow, as these will allow you to enjoy your water features during autumn’s cool evenings. Plant a few marigolds around your pond or waterfall and then strategically place some miniature pumpkins in between the bunches. If you have a fire pit, consider setting it up near your outdoor pond, and the flames from it will look especially nice when flickering over your colorful landscaping.

Sun Porches

Sun porches are an ideal place for fall decorating to take place, as you can keep certain plants a little past the first freeze. Consider bringing baskets of petunias, begonia or fuchsia inside whenever daytime temperatures first get down into the 50s. That way, you won’t have to worry about covering these plants up to keep them from freezing, and will be able to enjoy them a little longer. Not only that, but they also look nice when paired with red spider lily, sedum or autumn crocus. Consider adding some corn stalks and pumpkins in one corner of the room to help tie your summer and autumn plants together.

Sidewalks and Entryways

Fall decorating can include some earth-toned solar lights around your sidewalk and entryway. In between each one, place a few small gourds or a small pumpkin; a few of them could also be sitting on top of miniature hay bales.

At the entryway to your house, place a straw broom that has a few tufts of colorful flowers stuck in it-marigolds, aster, black-eyed Susan and Russian sage are all good choices. This is an excellent way to welcome fall visitors, or invite trick-or-treaters without having your house appear too scary for small children.

There’s no limit to the number of fall decorating ideas you can come up with for your northern New Jersey home. Decorating and landscaping go hand-in-hand, and if you would like help with creating a fall garden, talk to a professional seasonal display company!