Garden Maintenance Services in Bergen County, NJ

If you’re looking for professional landscape designers that knows its business in Bergen County, NJ, Borst Landscape & Design can offer you full landscape design and garden maintenance services to save you time and money.

As one of the top five landscape and design companies in  northern New Jersey with more than 75 employees, Borst Landscape & Design offers a full staff of qualified landscape designers and a fully developed variety of service plans to meet your landscape, lawn and garden needs.

New Jersey can experience the four seasons full-out from hot, sunny summers to blizzards during the winter and everything in between. Borst Landscape & Design has the tools and capabilities to provide home and commercial service for all types of weather and needs, including:

  • Consistent property maintenance of pruning, weeding, mulching and more on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

  • All tree and shrub care including organic deep root fertilization, pest control, pruning and more.

  • Landscape hardscape installations and maintenance of walkways, patios, walls and more.

  • Professional garden planning and services for containers, bulbs, window boxes, maintenance and renovations.

  • A complete organic garden maintenance program that includes aeration, fertilization, dethatching and pest control, all tailored to meet your lawn’s specific needs.

  • Winter snow and ice management services for both small and large businesses in northern New Jersey

Borst also offers a variety of landscaping services including:

Designing and Building Your Outdoor Space

From start to finish our qualified landscape designers can plan your NJ outdoor project. Starting with an initial meeting and a site analysis, we will then talk with you about your vision and develop a blueprint of just exactly what the project will entail, from preliminary preparations to the development of “hardscape” elements such as walkways and patios, to the finishing touches such as privacy hedging.

Our skilled garden designers include services such as:

  • Renovating gardens

  • Fall and seasonal plantings and displays and plantings

  • Bulb plantings

  • Creative annual and perennial garden design

  • Container and window-box plantings

Maintaining Your Residential Yards and Gardens

We utilize highly skilled, weekly service crews to provide lawn and garden maintenance, from mowing your lawn to seasonal weeding and cleanups of both lawn, garden and hard surfaces.

We provide special crews to back up our weekly service crews to perform lawn renovations, pruning, mulching, small plantings and more. Throughout the year, our crews perform site inspections to ensure that nothing is missed and to take care of any issues arising from adverse weather and the like.

We also offer an organics program to help contribute to the natural sustainability of your garden and trees.

Seasonal and Holiday Garden and Lighting Design

You want your garden and beds to pop with the changing seasons. We help with seasonal plantings, providing color and texture to liven your residential or commercial property. Our skilled seasonal gardeners work closely with landscape designers to provides you with an eye-catching, heart-warming seasonal arrangement that blends with your New Jersey yard’s general character.

Borst Landscape & Design can provide creative solutions for compliance with all LEED requirements involving green site management, erosion, storm-water management, water efficiency and more.

At Borst Landscape & Design, you will find our skill and experience can meet all of your landscaping needs and visions.