What Do Green Lawn Care Services Include?

Regular Organic Lawn Maintenance

Just like any lawn, an organic lawn requires care and regular maintenance. Organic maintenance usually falls into two categories – regular lawn maintenance and seasonal lawn maintenance.

Regular green lawn care maintenance includes routine weekly procedures like mowing, watering and weed removal. An organic lawn is typically mowed at a higher height – about three inches – which leaves larger grass-blades to perform photosynthesis, feeding the roots and shading the soil. It’s watered deeply and less frequently to encourage deep root growth for nutrients. Fertilizing often includes leaving grass clippings on the lawn, a natural way to provide nutrients to the soil.

The Optimum Organic Fertilization Program Includes:

Spring SeasonThe Optimum Organic Program provides a balanced diet of NPk + 9 nutrients that promote strong, healthy root growth and improve the overall condition of your soil.

  • Five organic fertilization applications during the season (Apr-Nov)
    • Spring – Late Spring – Summer – Fall – Late Fall
  • Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control – early or mid-Spring
  • Broadleaf & Creeping Weed Control – as needed
  • Chinch Bug Control – as needed late Spring through early Fall
  • Grub Control – applied ONCE (additional applications if needed are extra)
  • Fungicides – applied as needed at an additional charge (billed by amount used) *****

The Optimum Organic Program includes the Basic Turf Program plus the following:

  • Natural Aeration – Done twice each season, it improves the soil and puts essential oxygen and nutrients into the root zone.
  • Root Stimulants and Developers – Applied periodically during season, they promote strong, deep roots for protection from drought, insects and disease.
  • Natural Thatch Control – It provides 100% natural thatch digestion to stop new growth, but will not eliminate any existing thatch layer in your yard.
  • Secondary Micro Nutrients – Applied three times during season, these essential nutrients are necessary to maintain a healthy lawn.
  • Soil Test – A soil test is performed once every three years.

How Much Does Green Lawn Care Cost?

Organic Lawn Care and Gardening

Walkways and PathsToday, many Northern NJ homeowners are concerned about energy conservation and green living, so green lawn care is a great alternative that successfully tackles these concerns. Natural aeration, root growth and weed control are promoted with the use of organic fertilizers, nutrients and soil conditioners. Organic herbicides and pesticides control pests and diseases with natural substances. Organic lawn care offers a safe, effective way to create and maintain a beautiful landscape and provide a healthy environment for your children and pets.

Landscape design costs in Bergen County can vary for green lawn care services based on the size of your property, your property’s existing condition and the professional landscape company you hire.

Good, regular maintenance should include Spring, Summer and Fall applications to keep your lawn, healthy and pest-free. Talk to a Bergen County landscape contractor who is knowledgeable and experienced in organic lawn care. Based on your needs, he can discuss services and prices that are right for your home.

Organic Tree and Shrub Care:

Your trees and shrubs can benefit from organic care with proper fertilization that’s essential for healthy trees, shrubs and plants. An organic deep-root fertilizer will add nutrients to your soil and promote plant growth and healthy root systems.

Trees and plants with healthy, stable root systems grow faster and they are less susceptible to insects, fungus and disease. They’re stronger to tolerate environmental stresses from intense sun and extreme cold. Services can include:

  • Natural organic feeding
  • Soil conditioning to promote deep root growth
  • Deep feeding for trees and shrubs
  • Disease and insect control
  • Scale and mite control
  • Insect control
  • Winter protective treatments
  • Tree  and shrub pruning

Organic tree and shrub care will keep your trees and plants healthy, green and strong year-round, even through cold Bergen County winters. Regular maintenance should include spring, summer and fall care to keep your trees and shrubs chemical-free and pest-free.