The Trusted Hardscape Contractor in Bergen County, NJ

hardscape design company bergen county njHardscape design is just as important when creating a garden as adding the right plants is. Hardscape construction involves adding “hard” elements, those that are not living, to a landscape in order to enhance its natural beauty.

Borst Landscape & Design is an award-winning hardscape contractor that offers a number of choices to customers in Bergen County, NJ.

Walkways and Sidewalk Design

Garden paths and sidewalks are two of the more popular elements incorporated into a hardscape design. Walkways can be made from a number of materials including concrete, brick or stone, and can also contain intricate lighting. When designing a walkway, looks are equally as important as practicality. This means the plants that surround your walkway need to be chosen carefully so they will not interfere with people walking on it.

Building Retaining Walls in northern NJ

Retaining walls serve a useful purpose by holding back the earth from certain areas. They can also be a decorative addition to a garden. In fact, this type of hardscape construction is sometimes performed simply for aesthetic purposes. When constructing a retaining wall, a few things to take into consideration include:

  • How durable the wall is
  • Choosing materials that blend with your surroundings
  • Care of the wall- a stone or brick wall does not need painting, but a concrete one could
  • Amount of space required for the wall

Landscaping around retaining walls should involve using plants that will be easy to care for while also helping to soften the look of this feature. Some good choices include flowering annuals or small shrubbery.

Decks and Patios

Hardscape construction often includes decks and patios. These can be built as a part of swimming pool or outdoor kitchen design, or could simply create additional living space. Patios and decks sometimes include other hardscape design features such as a sidewalk or fountain. Add some comfortable chairs and a table, and these areas turn into space that is perfect for entertaining or simply relaxing in northern New Jersey.

Outdoor Stairs

Hardscape design sometimes calls for the use of stairs. This can be the case with homes that are situated on a hill or when decks contain multiple layers. Stairs can incorporate some of the same hardscaping elements as a deck or flower garden in order to help them create a seamless flow. They can also contain features such as lighting or a handrail to make them not only attractive, but functional as well.

Hardscape Construction in New Jersey

The number of items that can be included in hardscape design are too numerous to list but they can range from window boxes to fountains and everything in between. Borst Landscape & Design can also help suggest features such as garden statues, bird feeding stations or patio furniture to complement your outdoor landscape. If you can imagine it, we can help you incorporate it into your northern New Jersey garden in order to create precisely the right look for your backyard.

Choosing a trusted hardscape contractor in Bergen County, NJ can help you turn uninteresting space into a delightful work of art. No one is more familiar with this aspect of landscaping than Borst Landscape & Design.