Metamorphosis & Adaptation: How Long Do Spotted Lanternflies Live?


How long do spotted lanternflies live? Here’s a glimpse into the life cycle of these invasive insects.

If you’re in certain parts of the United States, you may have come across a spotted lanternfly or two. These invasive pests have been causing quite a buzz lately, and for good reason – they’re causing major damage to crops and trees. If you’re here because you’re wondering how long do spotted lanternflies live, we’ll take you through the stages of a spotted lanternfly’s life and how long they stick around.  

How long do spotted lanternflies live from their humble beginnings as eggs to their final days as adults? We’ll look closer at these invasive pests and what you need to know about them. You can count on Borst.

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What’s the life cycle of the spotted lanternfly?

Understanding these insects’ life cycles will help answer the question, how long do spotted lanternflies live? They go through several stages of development before they become adults. 

The life cycle of a spotted lanternfly starts with the eggs laid in the fall by adult females. The eggs look like small brownish-gray blobs, usually found in groups on tree trunks, branches, and other surfaces.

When spring comes around, the eggs hatch into nymphs, which are tiny and black with white spots. The nymphs go through four stages before they become adults. During this time, they molt and shed their skin as they grow. As they age, the nymphs develop the characteristic spots and bright red coloring of adult lanternflies.

In the summer, the spotted lanternfly nymphs molt one last time to become adults. The adults are about an inch long and have large wings with black spots and red hindwings. They’re also known for their distinctive hopping behavior when they fly, which makes them easy to spot. The adult spotted lanternflies mate and lay eggs in the fall, starting their life cycle again.

How long do spotted lanternflies live?

These invasive insects may be a nuisance, but at least they don’t stick around for too long! So how long do spotted lanternflies live? These bugs have a relatively short lifespan, living only about one year from egg to adult. By the time they reach adulthood in late summer or early fall, their time is almost up – they’ll only live for a few more weeks before they die off. 

While this may not be much consolation if you’re dealing with a spotted lanternfly infestation, you can rest easy knowing they won’t be around for too long. It’s also important to note that spotted lanternflies are an invasive species and can cause significant damage to plants and crops. If you spot them in your area, contacting local authorities or pest control experts is best to help control their spread.

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