When to Start Looking for Commercial Snow Removal in NJ

Living in Northern New Jersey means cold winters with freezing temperatures for three or four months out of each year. As a Bergen County business owner, chances are you’re going to need services for commercial snow removal in NJ to keep your business fully operational during the winter season. If snow piles up on your property, you run the risk of unwanted down time and lost revenue.

New Jersey winter weather often brings unexpected snowstorms with little or no warning, so it’s important to plan early for snow removal services. If you don’t have a snow removal plan in place before winter arrives, you’re business is likely to suffer down time, as well as safety concerns when a snowstorm arrives.

When Should I Start Looking for Services?

It’s important to plan early for commercial snow removal in NJ. You should plan for snow removal services in the late summer or early fall, so you have adequate time to create a workable service plan for your business property that meets your needs and your budget.

In Bergen County, commercial snow removal companies, like Borst Landscape & Design, get swamped with calls and services book up quickly. Most Bergen County snow removal companies service their scheduled customers first, then take care of random calls for service.

You don’t want to wait until a snowstorm dumps four or five inches of snow on your property to start looking for a snow removal contractor. Without a snow removal plan in place, you may be forced to wait hours or even days on snow removal services.

By planning early for snow removal services, you can ensure that your business stays up and running and your customers and employees stay safe. Planning early will also give you adequate time to meet with a professional snow removal contractor and determine a plan of action that meets your business needs and budget.

After seeing your property and discussing your needs and concerns, the contractor can give you accurate rates for services. It’s important that the contractor is familiar with your property, exact proper needs and budget before snow begins to fall. With unpredictable Northern NJ weather conditions, waiting too late to contract for commercial snow removal in NJ can leave your business out in the cold with no protection!

What are the Benefits of Early Planning?

By hiring a professional snow plowing company, like Borst, in late summer or early fall, you will be protected by a service contract with planned, scheduled services before winter weather even arrives.

With the first snowfall, you can relax and concentrate on running your business, knowing that your snow removal service is already in place. Early planning will provide you an accurate assessment of your business property needs, a price plan within your budget and a valuable service contract.

Planning for Your Property Needs

To have a clear understanding of your property service needs, your snow removal contractor will need to visit your business location and do a thorough property assessment. This includes your exact location, route to your location, size of your property, property terrain and other important circumstances that may impact service requirements.

After a review of your business property and a discussion about your business needs and budget, you will get an accurate quote for commercial snow removal services. When everything is approved, you will get a service contract with planned services and rates for commercial snow removal in NJ.

Planning for Your Budget

Commercial snow removal contractors typically offer different price options for commercial snow removal services. By planning early, you can determine your property needs and a pricing plan that works best for your budget. Your contractor can give you a quote outlining the scope of services to be provided and the costs for those services. Typical price plans include:

  • Seasonal Price – Prices are usually based on monthly charges for the winter season. In areas with above average snowfall and typical icy conditions, prices may be slightly higher to accommodate unexpected or hazardous weather conditions.
  • Per Occurrence Price – Specific rates are charged each time your property is serviced. Many contractors use this pricing method, but it works best for areas with predictable snow and ice patterns and normal snow removal service needs.
  • Per Hour Price – This pricing method is typically used in areas that have very unpredictable snow and ice patterns or a high occurrence of extreme weather conditions that often require emergency services.

A Service Contract

Having a service contract in place before winter weather arrives will give you peace of mind that your business operations won’t be disrupted when snow falls. Your Bergen County business will continue to operate as normal, without any down time or lost revenue due to unexpected snowstorms or hazardous weather conditions.

A service contract for commercial snow removal in NJ will ensure a safe work environment for your employees and customers and protect your business from accidents and slip-and-fall injuries that often occur in snowy and icy conditions.

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How Do I Determine My Property Needs?

During a property inspection, a snow removal contractor can help you determine your property needs for commercial snow removal in NJ.

Here are some important factors that may impact snow removal services and costs:

  • The size of your business property
  • Property terrain like steep hillsides, lots of trees and hard to reach areas
  • Property access from streets and highways
  • Parking lots and driveways
  • Sidewalks that lead to front or back entrances
  • Melting services and products
  • Sanding or salting services and products
  • An existing service contract

When you hire a professional for commercial snow removal in NJ, your contractor will assess your property and help you determine the services that work best for your property needs and budget.

By discussing your property needs and budget requirements in late summer or early fall, you can create a workable service contract that’s in place before winter arrives.

How Do I Determine My Budget?

Based on property needs and chosen services, rates for commercial snow removal in Bergen County can vary between companies. Unlike other types of outdoor maintenance services, snow removal services are often subject to unpredictable weather conditions that create unknown environmental factors and hazardous road conditions.

Although this makes it more difficult to compare rates between Bergen County companies, here are factors that may impact your costs for services:

  • Size of the property to be serviced
  • Number of required removal services
  • Type of equipment necessary for the job
  • Cycle time between site visits
  • 24/7 Emergency response services
  • Unexpected weather conditions
  • Special melting services and products
  • Professional experience and skill level of the contractor hired

Winter weather conditions often present factors beyond your control, so it’s important to discuss your budget with your contractor prior to finalizing your service contract. This will give you the most accurate rates possible for commercial snow removal in NJ, so you can plan your snow removal expenses into your yearly operations budget.

When you’re a Bergen County business owner or property manager, commercial snow removal services are essential for winter operations. At Borst, we can help you establish a snow removal service contract that meets your property needs and budget and protects your business, employees and customers.

By establishing an early service contract, in late summer or early fall, you won’t have to worry about winter snowstorms that can impact your business. You can focus on running a successful business operation, and let us focus on your commercial snow removal in NJ.