October Plant of the Month

Virginia Sweetspire: Itea Virginica, “Henry’s Garnet”

Virginia Sweetspire is indigenous to eastern North America and can be grown in zones 5-9. Grow Virginia Sweetspire shrubs in full sun to partial shade and in a soil amended with peat moss to encourage good soil drainage.

Superior flowering, compactness and fall color will be achieved in full sun. Because of its dense mass of leaves they work perfectly in a shrub border or foundation planting. Because of its extensive root system it is very well suited to planting areas where soil erosion is trying to be avoided.

Prune back any dead wood in the spring but be sure to leave “old” wood as it is essential for spring bloom. Although it has mildly fragrant flowers in the spring this hardy shrub is most valued for its outstanding fall color.

Spring Sensation

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Fall Splendor

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