Outdoor Barbecue Grills, Pits & Islands For Your Bergen County Home

Outdoor BBQOutdoor barbecues have come a long way since your family camping adventures as a kid. An outdoor grill in your Bergen County home is something everyone loves: family, friends and that inner culinary genius of yours. There’s simply no better way to enjoy the amazing experience of long summer days in northern New Jersey.

But before you start planning that perfect outdoor barbecue island or grill pit addition, there are a couple important variables to consider:

  • Where you want your outdoor BBQ

  • What type of fuel source is best

  • What regulations your local NJ area or homeowner’s association enforces

How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor BBQ

There are several types of outdoor grills available, based on different fuel sources. Understanding the charms and restrictions of each will help you choose exactly what type of BBQ island or grill pit is perfect for your home.

Natural Gas BBQ: Fuel Piped from Your Home – For Fixed Locations

If you’re considering an upright BBQ, either stand-alone or as an island, this might be the right option. Especially if you want your BBQ close to home.

Natural gas is best for fixed positions: islands or BBQ features that don’t move. It’s certainly one of the most convenient options since you just turn the range on and you have beautifully cooked meats and veggies in no time.

Before you start sketching out the perfect BBQ party pavilion, though, make sure your location of choice is close enough to your home’s gas pipeline to install an outdoor hookup.

Electric BBQ: Stylish and Simple

Electric barbecues are also best as fixed upright grills or island features. They’re a little more flexible in their location, though, since you can install an electric BBQ anywhere on your grounds where there’s electricity.

As much fun as cooking over an open flame can be, it’s not for everyone. Electric BBQs come in a huge range of stylistic options and features. If you need something simple, charming, with little fuss and no muss, this might be just the right choice for you.

Propane: Flexibility… With Some Forethought Involved

Propane offers the ability to house the fuel within your BBQ unit. This is a good choice if you’re looking for a BBQ pit or grill that’s farther from your home or convenient pipeline. It’s also perfect if you’re looking for an outdoor barbecue grill that you can move to different locations.

The only thing to consider is keeping the fuel tanks filled. If you have easy access to propane at a local gas station, all you need to worry about is a little upkeep on those fuel tanks.

Briquette – The Ultimate Flexibility and Taste, but Time is of the Essence

There’s nothing like a briquette barbecue or grill pit when it comes to flavor and ambiance.

Briquette BBQs are classic as the stand-alone grill or pit option, and the variety of natural-wood briquettes available to artisan outdoor cooks offers unparalleled flavor potential.

Of course, the major downfall to briquette grills and pits is the time it takes to prepare. Waiting for the coal bed to get just right can add another 45 minutes to any meal. But if you have lazy summer Sundays in mind, there’s nothing quite like a real fire to gather friends and family around in Bergen County, NJ.