Pet-Friendly Gardens & Landscaping For Your Bergen County Home

Blending your desires and those of your pets is an art form when it comes to the development of your pet friendly garden and landscaping in your Bergen County home.

The needs of your dog, cat, fish or other pets will play a big role in the types of plants, fencing choices, and other elements of your New Jersey yard.

Here are three key points to remember in order to provide a safe area for both your pets and yourself to enjoy.

Plants, Shrubs and Trees

When planning your landscape it is important to become familiar with plants that are toxic to your pets. Cats are especially well known for randomly chewing on plants which can result in unintentional poisoning.

Growing pet friendly plants, such as catnip are a great way to encourage your felines to a specific location in your yard or garden.

Trees placed too closely to a fence, wall or house can provide an escape route for cats that are inclined to climb. These can also become a problem for cats that climb in them, then are unwilling or unable to get back down.

The addition of thorny shrubs are a great natural deterrent for animals of all kinds. These plants can easily be strategically situated in your landscaping to beautify your yard and prevent access to certain locations.

Speaking to a garden design company is your best bet to ensure that the plants you’re putting in will be safe for your pet.

Water Features and Pools

If you are considering using water features in your pet-friendly garden in northern NJ there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Wading pools for dogs are a wonderful way for your canines to cool off and have fun.

  • Adding certain treatments to water features can be hazardous to pets if ingested, always check labels.

  • Pools for fish will need a barrier, or wet ground, encircling the area to prevent cats from getting to the fish.

  • Human pools and hot tubs can have very poor results for a number of animals, it is important to keep a hard cover or fencing around the location to prevent drowning.

  • Running water is a natural attractant for pets to drink.


A fence along the perimeter of your Bergen County home is a classic way to add protection and a secure enclosure for your family and pets. There are a wide range of fencing options such as metal and wood in various styles. When making a selection, it is important to keep in mind the height necessary to prevent your pet from easily jumping over the fence.

Both dogs and outside predators are notorious for digging under fencing to gain access to your yard. This problem may require a suitable length of the fence material to be placed beneath the ground to prevent unwanted visitors in your yard.

A rock border along the length of a fence is also a natural way to prevent your canine from digging under it. Canines notoriously shy away from rocky areas when it comes to their desire to dig.

Cats, with their extremely agile bodies which are able to clear a fence, can be prevented from climbing over it by adding a top guard onto the fence.

These are just three basic considerations when planning your pet-friendly garden in NJ. As you design and implement the elements you desire, you may find you need to adapt to your pets’ behavior.