Form and Function Coexist In the Perfect Poolhouse Design

poolhouse design

When dreaming up your own private oasis, consider these poolhouse design tips

Are you spending the cold months researching ways to complete your ideal backyard retreat? If you are looking forward to breaking ground on a new pool or looking for ideas for next summer, designing a poolhouse will be an integral part of your planning. However much space you have, your poolhouse design needs to complement its environment, use materials that harmonize with other landscaping, and be perfectly furnished on the inside. 

The experts at Borst Landscape & Design will work with you to create a poolhouse design and landscaping plan that blends just the right elements to produce an extraordinary outdoor living space. Combining beauty with integrity, we’ve been delivering client satisfaction in Bergen County since 1993. 

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How big is too big?

While a poolhouse may seem like a summertime space from an old Hollywood movie, these structures can actually be designed for many different budgets and with various conveniences. With the right vision, yours can double as a space for hosting parties, a tasteful guesthouse, or a tranquil refuge.

The average square footage is 9×13, but there’s no reason yours can’t be bigger if you’re inclined to expand. As long as the size is proportional to the size of your garden – and most importantly, to your pool – it will not look inappropriate.

What to include in your poolhouse design?

Every poolhouse should bring both practicality and home comforts closer to the water’s edge. Ideally, you’ll want to avoid tracking water into your main home. A changing area with a bin for wet towels, and a washing machine and dryer cabinet will keep wet feet and soggy towels out of your home as well.

Dream even bigger and plan for a shower stacked with your favorite toiletries. If you want to bring a touch of the tropical into your poolhouse design, you can opt for an outdoor shower as the perfect private spot to rinse off after a swim.

Let loose your imagination to create a space that adds to your backyard’s utility during the cooler months. A poolhouse can also be an all-purpose hangout space that incorporates a bar or a kitchenette. Including a living area will elevate your pool from a summertime staple to a resort-like sanctuary.

Your poolhouse design can also be an attractive way to store maintenance necessities to avoid them looking unsightly in the backyard. Larger structures can include storage for maintenance equipment, as well as pool toys and goggles.

Let Borst work with you for your summer inspiration

With over 30 years of experience, the experts at Borst Landscape & Design will ensure that every detail of your outdoor lifestyle vision is brought to life. We want you to dream big! We will work with you at every step to create a poolhouse design that brings form, function, and fun to your experience. 

See how 30 years of award-winning landscaping and design will transform your backyard experience into a multi-season haven for your whole family to enjoy. 

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