The Best Commercial Snow Removal Service in Bergen County

It’s not uncommon to expect anywhere from 20 to 30 inches of snow during a typical winter in Bergen County. There can also be between 15 and 20 days where more than one inch of snow falls. Combine this snow with freezing temperatures, and there is an instant hazard that could keep people away from your business. Fortunately, Borst Landscape & Design offers commercial snow removal services available to businesses in the area.

Situation Monitoring

Borst Landscape & Design subscribes to detailed weather reports in an effort to stay abreast of pending storms that could impact Bergen County. This allows us to dispatch crews to a particular location exactly when they are needed. These detailed reports will also alert us to conditions that can contribute to melt and refreeze. When conditions like this are detected, we will re-inspect a previously plowed area and clear away any ice that has accumulated.

State-of-the-Art Equipment for Commercial Snow Plowing

One of the reasons why Borst Landscape & Design is so effective at removing snow and ice is our state-of-the-art equipment. This equipment allows us to move large quantities of snow and ice quickly and easily. In fact, we have heavier equipment than many professional snow removal companies in the area, and this allows us to get areas cleared promptly so that there is as little disruption to a customer’s business as possible.

The Best Products for Snow Removal in Bergen County

Here at Borst Landscape & Design, we use a special product known as “Magic Salt” in many of our applications. Magic Salt is a product that is capable of removing snow and ice in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit. It is coated with molasses, so it causes frozen matter to melt somewhat slower than other ice melt products. As a result, you may not experience as much runoff when Magic Salt is used. Less of this product is needed in order to get the job done, and it is also less corrosive to asphalt and concrete than traditional salt is.

Family Owned and Operated

Commercial customers in Bergen County will be glad to know that Borst Landscape & Design is a family owned and operated business with a high employee retention rate. This means clients will not have to worry about a shortage of workers whenever it is time to have their lots cleared. They can also have peace of mind knowing they will get personalized attention rather than being treated as just another sale.

Borst Landscape & Design is the premier commercial snow removal company in Bergen County, NJ. We are committed to helping your business during snowstorms.

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