Organic Tree Care Bergen County NJYour Bergen County lawn isn’t the only area of your yard that requires feeding. Trees and shrubs will remain healthy with our organic, deep-root fertilization program. Fertilizing is essential to supplement the existing soil’s mineral nutrients and supply optimum opportunity for plant growth.
Vigorously growing plants are less susceptible to attacks by insects and diseases and more able to tolerate environmental stresses.

With Spring, Summer and Fall Applications, we can keep your trees and shrubs healthy, lush and pest-free.

Bergen County Organic Tree & Shrub Services May Include:

  • Folier Disease and Insect Control
  • Deep Root Soil Conditioning Injection
  • Shrub Deep Root Feeding Injection
  • Natural Organic Surface Feeding
  • Borer-Weevil Control
  • Mite and Scale Control
  • Winter Overcoat Proactive Anti-Transpirants
  • Pruning

Guardian Integrated Pest Management

Overuse of chemical pesticides is a concern to all of us. In an effort to provide better service to our clients and benefit the environment, Borst Landscape & Design, based in Bergen County has introduced our Guardian Integrated Pest Management program. This program is our most environmentally sensitive treatment option. It will significantly reduce the amount of chemicals used on your property by targeting specific problem areas and avoiding unnecessary “blanket” sprays.

When you are enrolled in the program, a plant health care specialist will visit your property seven times during the year. During each visit, a thorough inspection of your plants and trees will be performed and any insects or diseases detected will be treated as needed. In addition, a complete, detailed diagnostic report will be provided after every visit informing you of our findings and any treatments that may have been performed.

Professional Pruning in Northern NJ

Borst’s Tree & Shrub Care Program offers pruning service throughout the season to northern NJ clients. The pruning of your ornamental trees and shrubs provides a natural appearance, longevity and a healthier plant.

Organic Tree Care Bergen County NJ

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