Outdoor Fire Pit Installation in Bergen County NJ

Outdoor Fire Pit Installation Chimineas, outdoor fire pits, and outdoor fireplaces can extend the fun in your Bergen County backyard for you and your guests.

They are a natural gathering spot for people during the warmer summer months, and the campfire feeling lends itself to storytelling and the nostalgia of days gone by.

While outdoor fire pits are an integral part of your outdoor landscape in northern New Jersey, they can also be placed so that they can be enjoyed from your indoor living space also.

Outdoor Fire Pit Installation Options

There are many options when it comes to outdoor fire pit installation. Size, shape, and style are all factors that need to be considered and you will need to decide if you want your pit built-in or portable.

Enlisting the help of an experienced Bergen County landscaping company should be one of your first orders of business when contemplating outdoor fire pit installation. Here are some things to consider when deciding on an outdoor fire pit.

Choosing the Best Fire Pit for Your Needs

The first step in deciding on an outdoor fire pit is to choose whether you want it to be built in, prefabricated or portable. Built-in fire pits are great for a permanent set up designed from the ground up while portable is ideal for those who like to move their yard around. Prefabricated should be considered for those who see a design they like and want to build around that design.

Size Matters

Take note of how much room you have to work with, how many guests you plan on entertaining on average, and how the outdoor seating will be set up. If you have a smaller yard and want to entertain friends and family members alike during parties, you should think about using a smaller outdoor fire pit.

Outdoor Fit Pit Installation Materials

Picking a material for your outdoor fire pit installation is important as you want to make sure it flows with the existing structures in your yard. In order to build a complete outdoor living space, neither you nor guests should be distracted by clashing designs or materials.

It’s also crucial to consider the fill material inside your fire pit. Whatever you choose needs to be heat-absorbing as well as consistent with the design of your outdoor living space.

Lava rock comes in various colors and hides the inner workings of the fire pit, river rock will make your pit look both rustic and nostalgic and fire glass comes in many colors and gives your pit a sleek, sophisticated look.

Outdoor Fire Pit Installation Experts

There are many considerations when it comes to outdoor fire pits installation. The staggering amount of designs, color choices, fuel types and materials gives you many options to choose from. Enlisting the help of landscape design experts for advice and guidance will ensure you get the outdoor fire pit you’ve always dreamed of. Contact the outdoor fire pit installation experts at Borst Landscape and Design today!