Transform Your Bergen County Backyard with an Outdoor Pavilion

Backyard pavilions are popular outdoor features for homeowners across the country. They offer endless opportunities to relax and entertain outdoors throughout the year. An outdoor pavilion in Bergen County will add beauty to your landscape and provide an outdoor space where you can dine with family and friends, relax with a good book or take a quiet nap on a warm afternoon.

outdoor-fireplace-pricesWhat is an Outdoor Pavilion?

Outdoor pavilions are built with a roof and open walls and are usually attached to the house, built over an existing patio area or built as a separate backyard structure. They can be designed and constructed in various styles and designs, materials, shapes and sizes to accommodate your needs and complement your home and landscape.

While many outdoor pavilions are built with simple design features and no amenities, others reflect stunning architectural features, luxurious interior furnishings and posh amenities. Luxury outdoor pavilions are designed with immaculate details, built with superior materials, engineered for maximum comfort and packed with high-tech amenities that are often found in luxury interiors.

Many are equipped with outdoor fireplaces or fire pits, audio/visual components, infrared heaters, walls and windscreens, glass guardrails and motorized pocketing glass doors. Luxury outdoor pavilions are a far cry from the outdoor pop-up tent pavilions of yesterday.

What is the Difference Between a Pavilion, Pergola and Gazebo?

Although many people use these terms interchangeably, there is a distinct difference between each of these outdoor structures. At first glance, outdoor pavilions, pergolas and gazebos may appear quite similar, but there are important subtleties that define each type of structure – primarily style, shape and functional purpose.


Outdoor pavilions are always built with a roof, typically a closed roof, and open walls. They can be built in a variety of sizes and shapes, attached to the house or placed in the back yard. Pavilions are the most popular of the three types of outdoor structures with most homeowners, because they typically offer larger spaces and more amenities for outdoor entertaining.

Originally introduced in the 1800’s, pavilions were built as multi-use structures that were used for outdoor activities and entertaining. They were originally intended for outdoor gatherings for large crowds in public places and hosted special events like weddings, parties, banquets and other social events.


Outdoor pergolas typically have more open roofs and are supported by four corner columns or posts. They are normally built in square or rectangular shapes with flat, open roofs, a distinctive characteristic that defines the structures.

Pergolas are often constructed of wood with horizontal wood planks that define the roof. Outdoor pergolas are usually designed to accommodate from five to ten people, so they are smaller than pavilions and gazebos.

Designed to provide outdoor seating areas or cover outdoor walkways, pergolas are not normally equipped with amenities that promote outdoor entertaining. Garden settings and backyard terrace areas provide the perfect opportunity for a pergola or outdoor pavilion in Bergen County.


The defining characteristic of a gazebo is its shape. Outdoor gazebos are always built in a round or octagonal shape. They typically have domed roofs that are supported by eight symmetrical pillared columns and are often elevated above ground level with several steps. Gazebos are larger than pergolas, but much smaller than most pavilions that can accommodate large gatherings of up to 50 people comfortably.

If your backyard can’t accommodate an outdoor pavilion in Bergen County, a beautiful gazebo may be a perfect option. With their soft curves and traditional styling, outdoor gazebos work well for Bergen County homeowners who have more traditional architecture and pristine, well-manicured landscapes.

outdoor patioDesigning Your Outdoor Pavilion

Adding an outdoor pavilion to your backyard will increase opportunities for outdoor entertaining and create an inviting atmosphere in your landscape. If you build a separate structure that isn’t attached or adjacent to the house, a pavilion can create a unique backyard focal point with visual interest and style to enhance your home’s features.

Before you design your outdoor pavilion in Bergen County, talk to a professional landscape company, like Borst Landscape & Design, who specializes in building outdoor features for your home. For best results, consider some important questions that will impact the size, style and budget for your new pavilion:

1. How Do You Plan to Use Your Pavilion?

Outdoor pavilions are usually designed as multi-use structures that can accommodate a variety of needs. It’s essential to assess your outdoor needs and preferences, so you can design the right size structure with amenities that fit your outdoor activities and budget.

Outdoor Dining

If you plan to dine outdoors, make sure your pavilion is large enough for casual seating and comfortable dining that accommodates your guests. Consider including an outdoor kitchen that will make cooking and dining in your pavilion much easier and more convenient.

Outdoor kitchens offer state-of-the-art amenities including grills, refrigerators, ice makers, sinks, dishwashers, wine coolers, beer kegerators, warming drawers and storage compartments.

Outdoor Entertaining

If you plan to entertain, an outdoor pavilion Bergen County provides a great spot for parties and gatherings with family and friends. By including some great amenities, your pavilion will be the perfect place to host a party. Consider adding a wet bar, large screen TV and a good sound system to increase your year-round entertainment opportunities.

Relaxing by the Pool

A poolside pavilion provides the perfect place for swimmers to escape the hot sun or relax after a long swim. If you throw a pool party, guests can dry off in the pavilion before returning to the house.

Consider adding a cozy fireplace or fire pit, so swimmers can warm up on cool days or after evening swims. Make sure you include comfortable lounge chairs and plenty of warm, fresh towels.

2. What Style and Materials Should You Choose?

The style of your outdoor pavilion in Bergen County and the building materials you choose should complement your home and landscape. If you have a traditional house, materials like wood, brick and stone will enhance traditional style and reflect traditional character.

If your house is modern or contemporary with clean, simple lines, you may want to choose materials like steel, oxidized metals or sleek composites that enhance the sleek appearance of contemporary style. When choosing a style and materials, make sure they enhance the architectural style of your home, as well as important design features and exterior colors.

3. What Furnishings Do You Need?

An outdoor pavilion doesn’t need a lot of furniture, but it does need adequate, comfortable seating and tables that will accommodate your needs. Since pavilions have open walls, it’s important to choose outdoor fabrics for sofas, chairs and pillows that are designed to stand up in outdoor elements.

Outdoor fabrics are fade-resistant, water-resistant and stain-resistant, so they perform well in year-round weather conditions. You can also use outdoor fabrics to create draperies or panels that provide more privacy and block sun, rain and wind from your pavilion when closed.

If you’re interested in building an outdoor pavilion for your Northern NJ home, talk to the professionals at Borst about your needs and budget. We can help you create a beautiful, backyard outdoor pavilion in Bergen County that will accommodate your outdoor activities, add ambiance to your landscape, complement the style of your home and fit within your budget.

With over 25 years of landscaping experience in Bergen County, our team of professionals can help you design an outdoor pavilion where you will love spending time with family and friends year-round.