When to Plan Your Backyard Pavilion in NJ

If you’re thinking about adding a backyard pavilion to your landscape, it will create a great space for outdoor activities and entertaining throughout the year. A backyard pavilion will provide numerous opportunities for spending time with family and friends outside.

Planning and building a backyard pavilion in NJ will take some time. If you want to enjoy your new pavilion by spring or summer, it’s best to start planning during the winter season. A professional landscape contractor, like Borst Landscape & Design, can help you through the design, planning, construction and installation phases of the project.

Before you start planning, here are some important factors that will impact the time frame and costs of building your pavilion.

outdoor-fireplace-pricesPreparing the Site

Whether you choose to build your backyard pavilion in NJ adjacent to the house, close to the pool or in a remote backyard location, your existing landscape conditions will be an important factor. Since an outdoor pavilion has a flooring pad and a closed roof, proper site preparation will be required.

Outdoor pavilions have a hard-surface floor, so land clearing may be necessary to create a level pad area. Typical flooring surfaces include poured concrete slabs and hard-surface pavers in concrete, stone and brick.

If the location you choose for your pavilion has uneven terrain and/or drainage problems, your landscape contractor will need to correct those existing landscape conditions before starting your backyard pavilion project. Solutions may include land clearing, re-sloping or leveling and installing a French drain.

Pavilions have closed roofs and open walls, so the landscape area around the pavilion will need to be free of encroaching plants, shrubs and overhanging tree limbs and branches. Depending on the pavilion location you choose, you may need to cut down large trees and shrubs and remove large fast growing plants to protect the pavilion roof and provide adequate light and sunshine for your pavilion.

Choosing a Location

When choosing a backyard location for your pavilion, choose a location that best fits your needs and provides a comfortable atmosphere for your pavilion. Since outdoor pavilions have open walls and a closed roof, a pleasant, sunny backyard location will provide welcome light and warmth for outdoor activities.

When choosing a location, first determine how you want to use the space. Here are some important questions:

Do You Want to Entertain Outdoors?

If you want to entertain family and friends outdoors, a backyard pavilion in NJ will provide great opportunities for parties and casual gatherings. To create a pavilion that enhances entertaining possibilities, you need to provide comfortable seating, casual tables and some type of outdoor lighting.

If you want to include an outdoor kitchen with a gas grill, wine cooler and sink, or amenities like a large screen TV or sound system, you will need to install a gas line, water line and electricity. If you locate your pavilion closer to the house, your costs for running utility lines will be cheaper. It will also create easier and more convenient access between the house and the pavilion.

outdoor pavilion nj

Do You Enjoy Outdoor Dining?

If you enjoy dining outdoors in warm spring and summer weather, a dining pavilion will provide comfortable atmosphere and backyard privacy.

When planning for outdoor dining, you need need to make sure that your backyard pavilion in NJ is large enough to accommodate the maximum number of guests you require in a comfortable environment. Make sure the location you choose can accommodate a pavilion that’s large enough for dining, as well as casual seating where guests can relax and talk after dinner.

Adding an outdoor kitchen with a grill, refrigerator, ice maker and sink will make outdoor cooking and dining easier and prevent numerous trips back and forth from the pavilion to the indoor kitchen. If your budget allows, there are many other outdoor kitchen appliances and amenities that will create a state-of-the-art, inviting backyard dining pavilion.

Do You Have a Swimming Pool?

If you have a backyard pool, a poolside pavilion will provide the perfect place for swimmers to dry off and relax after swimming. Typically, poolside pavilions are located adjacent to the pool for easy access.

Since they focus on swimming and poolside activities, adding an outdoor fireplace for warmth and cozy atmosphere on cool days and evenings will create an inviting space near the pool. Make sure you have room for comfortable lounge chairs, side tables and plenty of clean, fresh towels.

If you plan for a large poolside pavilion and your budget allows, you can incorporate a small bathroom and/or private changing area where swimmers can change back into their clothes after a day swimming or an afternoon pool party.

Choosing Materials

Whatever location you choose for your backyard pavilion in NJ, you’ll want to select building materials that complement the style and features of your home, add beauty to your landscape and provide easy cleaning and maintenance.


An outdoor pavilion can be designed and built with a flat roof or pitched roof in any size. Common roofing materials include asphalt shingles, clay or synthetic tiles, slate and metal. When choosing a roofing material, it’s important to select a material that reflects the architectural style of the house, enhances existing landscape materials and colors and fits within your budget.


A hard-surface flooring material is recommended for long-term durability and easy maintenance in an outdoor environment. Northern NJ weather includes hot sun and abundant rainfall during the spring and summer and freezing temperatures that bring snow, ice, sleet, hail and high winds during the fall and winter.

Choosing hard-surface outdoor materials like concrete, stone, brick, flagstone and tile will provide flooring that withstands the elements.


Outdoor pavilions have open walls, so they are built using a series of columns or posts that support the roof. The basic structure, posts and roof, and be constructed using a variety of materials. When choosing structural materials, consider durability, maintenance and costs.

outdoor pavilion ideasWood

If you prefer the natural appeal of wood, consider building your backyard pavilion in NJ in woods that weather well, like cedar, redwood, teak and ipe. They will provide long-term durability and less maintenance.

These woods weather naturally and turn an organic, gray or brown color over time. To retain the original color of the wood, you’ll need to apply a waterproof sealer after installation and one or two times each year thereafter.

Vinyl Composite

Vinyl composite materials offer a more traditional appearance. They’re available in pre-made, baked-on color finishes or natural finishes that can be painted on site. Vinyl composite materials offer good protection from outdoor elements with little maintenance.

Most newer materials are waterproof, fade-resistant and insect-resistant. Unlike wood, vinyl composite materials will not warp, split, crack, break or rot when exposed to outdoor elements.


Fiberglass is strong, lightweight, easy to maintain and simple to paint. If you’re planning a large backyard pavilion that spans an extensive area, fiberglass is a good material choice because of its strength. Fiberglass will not sag or break over time. Fiberglass structures are not as common as wood and vinyl structures and materials are more expensive, however, they offer long-term durability and strength.


Backyard pavilions constructed in steel, iron and aluminum are expensive, but offer great strength, durability and unique appeal. They are particularly stunning when combined with modern and contemporary homes that have clean lines and simplistic design features.

If you have a home with modern architectural features, but prefer the more traditional look of wood or vinyl, consider a metal roof that will provide modern accents for your backyard pavilion in NJ.

As you can see, the amount of time it takes to build your backyard pavilion in NJ will be determined by various factors. The landscape professionals, at Borst Landscape & Design, can design and build an outdoor pavilion that fits your needs and your budget.

We can help you choose a backyard location that’s best for outdoor activities and proper materials that are strong, durable and cost-effective. If your interested in a backyard pavilion for your Bergen County home, give us a call to discuss outdoor pavilion ideas and possibilities.