Top NJ Outdoor Pavilion Design Trends for 2017

Most Bergen County homeowners enjoy spending time in their backyards, especially during beautiful spring and summer weather. An outdoor pavilion in NJ is a great backyard feature that provides a comfortable gathering place, as well as shelter from outdoor elements. With an outdoor pavilion, it’s easier to spend more time outside year-round.

Over the last few years, outdoor home features have become extremely popular with homeowners across the country. They provide a comfortable backyard setting for a variety of outdoor activities like relaxing by the pool, dining with family and entertaining friends. Take a look at some of the top outdoor pavilion trends for 2017.

outdoor fireplace pricesBy the Pool

If you have a swimming pool, a poolside pavilion is a great addition to your backyard. It will provide a comfortable spot for swimmers to warm up, dry off and get out of the hot sun after a day of swimming.

Swimmers can relax in the shade with a cool drink and a warm towel before they head into the house. If the pavilion has a changing area stocked with clean towels, swimmers can change clothes in a private setting without worrying about peering eyes of neighbors or guests.

Most poolside pavilions are located close to the pool for easy access, so they create the perfect place for entertaining and dining around the pool. If you throw a pool party for the kids or a group of friends, you can use the pavilion to set up comfortable seating, food and drinks and a sound system with your favorite music.

An outdoor pavilion by the pool doesn’t need a lot of amenities, just comfortable seating, a few small tables and fresh towels will be adequate. However, with a large poolside pavilion and a substantial budget, you can create an outdoor pavilion in NJ with luxurious amenities.

Current pavilion trends show luxury poolside pavilions that include outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, wet bars, ceiling fans, recessed lighting, large screen TVs and state-of-the-art surround sound systems.

Garden Settings

Backyard pavilions that inspire the beauty of nature are popular with homeowners around the country. Outdoor pavilions that showcase beautiful landscapes, backyard gardens and outdoor ponds create a tranquil place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

For Northern New Jersey homeowners who have a spacious backyard, an outdoor pavilion located in a garden setting offers a comfortable outdoor area where family and friends can gather for a variety of activities.

Whether you have a casual or formal backyard landscape, a garden pavilion will add visual interest to your landscape and provide a great place to relax and get in touch with nature. You can relax with your morning coffee or enjoy lunch with friends in a quiet setting surrounded by colorful flowers in a seasonal garden, bees, butterflies and birds in a specialty garden, or frogs on their lily pads in an outdoor pond.

Consider these garden pavilion ideas:

Seasonal Gardens

By planting a seasonal garden, you’ll have beautiful blooms year-round. A variety of annuals and perennials will provide cut flowers for the house or colorful flowers to enjoy from your garden pavilion.

Wildlife Gardens

What could be more relaxing than watching colorful butterflies, bees and birds in your backyard garden? When you plan your pavilion, find a backyard location that gets five to six hours of sun each day.

Moon Gardens

For a unique outdoor experience, build your outdoor pavilion in NJ near a backyard moon garden with plants that bloom at night. Moonflower, evening primrose, night phlox and angel’s trumpet produce aromatic white blooms that reflect the moonlight.

Outdoor Ponds

Building your outdoor pavilion near an outdoor pond will create a tranquil backyard area for relaxation and meditation. You can enjoy your favorite book and cup of tea while surrounded by soothing water sounds and chirping frogs hopping around the pond.

Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pitsbergen-county-patio-installation-cost

An outdoor pavilion with a fireplace or fire pit allows you to spend more time outdoors year-round, even in chilly or cold weather. An outdoor fire adds inviting warmth and light for chilly days and evening entertaining on your outdoor pavilion in NJ. Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits create a comfortable atmosphere for your pavilion and a cozy gathering spot for conversations around the fire.

Outdoor Fireplaces

An outdoor fireplace can be built as small as 3 feet wide x 2 feet deep x 4 feet tall, while a large fireplace with a mantle, extended hearth, storage areas and built-in seating can get up to 15 feet wide x 4 feet deep x 15 feet tall.

Make sure you build a fireplace that’s well proportioned to the size of your pavilion and provide adequate ventilation through the chimney for fire and smoke. If you have the space for a large pavilion, consider a two-sided fireplace with comfortable seating on one side and outdoor dining on the other.

Outdoor Fire Pits

An outdoor fire pit is much smaller than an outdoor fireplace. It’s easier and less expensive to build, but still provides cozy warmth, light and outdoor atmosphere. Situated low to the ground, a fire pit doesn’t block the view of the landscape, so it provides a more open feeling for your pavilion.

An outdoor fire pit can be built in any size and shape with a raised or recessed firebox. Since there is no chimney, there’s no need to worry about proper ventilation, building permits and local code regulations.

Outdoor Kitchens

A pavilion with an outdoor kitchen creates wonderful opportunities for outdoor dining and entertaining. An outdoor kitchen will expand your indoor living space and allow you to enjoy your outdoor pavilion in NJ year-round.

Depending on the size of your pavilion and your budget, you can build an outdoor kitchen with a basic grill and countertop or one with a variety of state-of-the-art appliances and accessories.


Outdoor kitchen grills are available in wood burning, gas and hybrid models in a variety of sizes to accommodate small and large outdoor kitchens. As the main component in most outdoor kitchens, the grill is typically the most expensive kitchen item in the kitchen.


Today’s outdoor kitchens offer state-of-the-art appliances that include pizza ovens, smokers, rotisseries, refrigerators with ice makers, dishwashers, sinks and cooktops. For outdoor entertaining, you can also add wine coolers, beer keg tappers and wet bars.


In addition to top-quality grills and great appliances, outdoor kitchens can be equipped with warming drawers, storage compartments, cutting boards, trash bins, cooking utensils, overhead vent hoods and overhead lighting.

nj outdoor pavilionMovable Walls

Current design trends show many patio pavilions that are being built with movable walls for more warmth and privacy. When an outdoor pavilion is built over a patio that’s adjacent to the house, it can be built with movable glass walls that enclose the space.

Walls are usually constructed by using large folding or sliding doors or large movable walls of glass that slide in a flooring track and give clear, unobstructed views when closed. When open, doors typically stack to a minimal thickness and provide the illusion of a pavilion space that’s completely open.

For Bergen County homeowners, an outdoor pavilion in NJ with movable walls will provide welcome warmth during cold weather. In Northern New Jersey where winters usually bring lots of snow and ice, an outdoor pavilion doesn’t get much use.

Being able to close up your pavilion during harsh weather conditions will allow you to use your pavilion throughout the year. For even more warmth during fall and winter seasons, consider adding a cozy fireplace or fire pit to your outdoor pavilion.

An outdoor pavilion in NJ is a backyard feature that will provide years of outdoor enjoyment for activities with family and friends. Talk to the professionals at Borst Landscape & Design about an outdoor pavilion for your Bergen County home. We can help you design the perfect backyard pavilion that fits your needs and enhances the beauty of your landscape.