How To Protect Your Yard From Water Damage in Bergen County, NJ

Heavy rainfall in Bergen County can cause drainage problems for your property. Poor drainage can cause damage to your gardens and landscaping.

French drains, in conjunction with other drainage solutions, can help protect your New Jersey garden and landscaping from water damage.

What are French Drains?

French drains are slightly sloped trenches filled with round gravel and pipe that effectively remove surface water or groundwater away from places prone to water damage.

Why is Installing French Drains Important?

Installing French drains is important because they create a proper drainage system to protect your yard and home from water damage. An improper drainage system can cause standing water in your yard. Standing water in your yard can:

  • Create a thriving environment for mosquitoes. Even a little amount of standing water in your NJ yard can attract mosquitoes because pools of water are prime breeding ground for these bothersome insects.

  • Drown and kill plants and grass. Standing water can destroy your flowers, vegetable plants and grass. As a result, the roots stop holding soil and soil erosion begins. This leads to a bare ground which is unattractive and inhospitable.

  • Create a slick surface. A heavily damp yard allows numerous organisms and fungus to grow on its surface. This creates a slippery yard and creates an environment prone for slip and fall accidents.

  • Cause foundation problems. Standing water in your yard, that gathers around the foundation of your home, can cause your foundation to crack and shift.

What Are the Benefits of French Drains?

The wonderful thing about French drains is that you can use them to divert water to anywhere you wish. This means they serve more than one function. Because they can perform different functions, it’s always best to consult a landscape design and maintenance company to determine which function fits your situation. Their functions include:

  • Carrying water away – A French drain can work in conjunction with foundation drains to move water away from your home. Foundation drains are a system of pipes surrounding the foundation of your home that collect water and prevent water from entering your basement. Foundation drains need a proficient system to move the water away from your home. A French drain can be used to move that water away from your northern New Jersey home.

  • Helps redistribute water – A French drain can lead water to a drywell, which is an underground chamber that is used to collect unwanted water. Small holes are punched into the chamber to allow the redistribution of the water into nearby groundwater. This water can be redistributed to your flower or vegetable garden.

  • Rain water management –  A French drain can also lead water to a rain water storage tank. A rain water storage tank is an above-ground container used to collect rain water. The water is stored with the intent of using it later for things such as watering your garden or lawn, or washing your car.

When you have questions about French drains or other drainage solutions for your Bergen County home, it’s always best to contact a landscape design and maintenance company.