Your Tree and Landscape Service Lets You Enjoy Your Trees Worry-Free

Hire a tree and landscape service for a happy, healthy yard and enjoy the benefits without breaking your back

tree and landscape service

You need a tree and landscape service that will work with you year-round to ensure your property is as healthy and beautiful as it can possibly be. Proper tree care will support your plants through the harshest weather conditions and bolster them against disease and insect attack. A happy tree is a healthy tree, and at Borst, we work to keep trees healthy so you don’t have to. You can simply relax and enjoy the beauty of well cared for trees and shrubs.

Our spring, summer, and fall applications keep your trees and shrubs beautiful all year round. No matter the type or quantity of trees in your landscape, we can keep your yard healthy, happy, and pest-free.

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What does a tree and landscape service do?

Although services may vary, a landscape service should offer pruning, to keep trees and shrubs in shape and growing well. Additionally, fertilization and other application services will keep trees protected from pests and harsh weather, as well as supporting their verdant, lush, growth.

Compacted soil and a life outside the forest can be stressful for trees and shrubs. They need a boost to ensure they are getting the proper nutrients in their suburban or urban homes.

Fertilizing your trees, shrubs and yard supplements the soil’s nutrients and provides more opportunity for plant growth. Plus, applying additional nutrients can increase the plant’s disease resistance and increase its ability to withstand environmental stresses. 

There are all sorts of services, techniques and products out there. How do you make sure you’re caring for your trees without exposing your landscape, or your family, to harsh or potentially dangerous chemicals? Go the all-natural way with organic tree care from Borst Landscape & Design.

Go organic with Borst

At Borst Landscape & Design, we offer expert pruning services as well as a range of organic tree and shrub care, so you can take care of your landscape without putting yourself or your loved ones at risk. 

Our organic tree and landscape services include Deep Root Soil Conditioning Injection. Deep root fertilization delivers nutrients straight to the root of the plant. Fertilizer is injected several inches into the soil, directly into the plant’s root system where they can access it quickly and easily.

While topical fertilizer can provide short-term results, it doesn’t go as far as it should for your tree and shrub’s wellbeing. This method goes further for long-term plant health and also aerates and oxygenates the soil in a beneficial way. The best time to give your trees and shrubs a needed boost through deep root feeding is Fall through Spring in New Jersey.

Additional organic services for your trees and shrubs include:

  • Foliar Disease & Insect Control, including Borer-Weevil Control
  • Mite and Scale Control
  • Winter Overcoat Proactive Anti-Transpirants
  • And More!

No matter the size of your yard or the purpose your trees and shrubs serve — from barrier hedge to decorative accents — you need an excellent tree and landscape service.

Contact Borst today to learn more about our organic tree care service or to discuss your other lawn care and management needs. Let us do the work so you can enjoy your beautiful yard! Call (201) 581-8076 now.