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deep root fertilization near me

Looking for “deep root fertilization near me”? Here’s what you should know about keeping your trees & shrubs happy

If you’re searching the web for “deep root fertilization near me,” you’ve come to the right spot. You know that the outdoor beauty of your home is about a lot more than lush green grass. Your trees and shrubs also deserve careful tending and maintenance to keep them looking their best and staying healthy year-round. 

Compacted soil and a life outside the forest can be stressful for trees and shrubs. They need a boost to ensure they are getting the proper nutrients in their suburban or urban homes. Borst Landscape & Design is the answer for your Bergen County tree and shrub care. 

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What is deep root fertilization? 

A happy, healthy plant is less susceptible to attacks by insects and disease and is better able to tolerate environmental stress. If your plants are showing signs of distress, it may be time to give them a dose of deep root fertilization.

Basic fertilizers are usually applied at the surface and then watered in. 

But a deep root feeding is designed to go beyond the short-term results you get from topical fertilizer. Deep root fertilization delivers nutrients straight to the root of the plant, literally. Fertilizer is injected several inches into the soil, directly into the plant’s root system where they can access it quickly and easily.

The fertilizer delivers the nutrients your plants crave, and the method also creates aeration and oxygenates the soil in a beneficial way. It will keep your trees and shrubs healthy and growing, with results that you’ll be quick to notice.

The best time to give your trees and shrubs a needed boost through deep root feeding is Fall through Spring in New Jersey.

How do I know if my plants are in distress?

Any tree or shrub that shows signs of struggling could benefit from deep root fertilization. But if you want to know some clear signs of a tree in distress, look for the following:

Keep an eye on the leaves. Look for:

  • Smaller or fewer leaves than previous years
  • Losing leaves (defoliation)
  • Leaves changing color or dropping from the tree out of season, or too early
  • Discolored, yellow or brown leaves, or leaves that look brown around the edges
  • Dieback in the top of the tree, which can include leaves or even limbs.

Another thing to look out for is overall slowed growth of your tree or shrub.

If these or other signs that your plants need help have sent you searching for “deep root fertilization near me,” contact Borst.

Our professionals will tend your trees and shrubs so they’re as healthy and resilient as they possibly can be. We specialize in offering organic tree care, pest management, and tree pruning services. 

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