Students Get a Sanctuary at Union City High School

With the objective of creating a connecting outdoor oasis at the entrance of Union City High School, Borst Landscape & Design converted a small, 17,000-square-foot site into an expansive sanctuary that provides students, faculty, and the community with a quiet refuge and gathering space.
Commercial Landscape Design

Spanning 17,000-square feet of precious space on the corner of a new state-of-the-art high school in Union City, this versatile garden space created by Borst Landscape & Design is both a beautiful and functional space that serves as a refuge for students and the community.

The design features landscaped and hardscaped areas to foster large and small student gatherings. An outdoor amphitheater was designed that includes a bi-level outdoor seating area overlooking an open bluestone patio and sculpted lawn.

Curving at one side of this open lawn is a pergola and a series of curved bench seating. The pergola scales down the architectural elements of the large high school and brings you into this tranquil garden space. The water feature and fountain, as well as the oak tree, provide a relaxing area for students, and a bridge that crosses over the rain garden invites pedestrians to stroll throughout the garden for a soothing experience.

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