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I loved their work. I’m very happy with their Landscaping services in New Jersey, they have installed and maintained our landscape pretty well. Thanks, Borst Landscape & Design! Esther J. Estrada

I worked with Mark Borst and his team on a design project and was very pleased with the results. They are all very professional and easy to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. John Vitiello

We are extremely pleased with the work that Borst Landscape has done for us. They landscaped our property and maintain it year-round. Our property has never looked better. They recently finished a big project leveling a section of property where we wanted to build a shed. They did an amazing job, and they clean up beautifully when they are finished. I would highly recommend. Hannah Jacobs

Professional, honest, timely, responsive with great customer service. We had them set up our outdoor Christmas decorations for our house and everything turned out beautiful. Taline Totaro

I hired Borst Landscaping for their organic tick and mosquito treatment for my property. Their guys were professional and courteous, and the results were fantastic. Finally, I had piece of mind for my young daughter and pets and we were able to enjoy evenings outside in the backyard without loading up on bug spray! I would highly recommend Borst Landscaping and I look forward to hiring them again next season. Thomas LoRusso

We hired Borst to transform our backyard incorporating a pondless water feature in full view of our outdoor patio. The entire team from Dave Beasley to the installation crew were the epitome of professional. The months long project was supervised by Borst pro’s who executed the project according to specs. When there was a hiccup in plans, Dave stepped in to rectify or change the outcome. The project was delivered within the projected and expected overages in cost. To this day, the end of 2019, Borst honors the terms of their contract for warranty of services. We continue to utilize Borst for seasonal maintenance of shrub, bush and tree care. Every employee is respectful toward us, the customer, while showing great care for the landscape surroundings. We highly recommend Borst for all landscaping needs. J.S

A Year-Round Lawn Care Guide for Bergen County, NJ

What it Takes to Own a Beautiful Lawn

A beautiful lawn is a lot of work, but with a lawn care professional’s help, you can have one of the best Bergen County lawns on the block!  A great lawn takes preparation, care and proper treatment in order to fight off weeds, pests and weather conditions prevalent in New Jersey. We’ve broken down our formula for lawn care into a year-round lawn care guide for Bergen County, New Jersey.  There are some tried and true growing tips and tasks for every season, Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall that we have identified. Read on to achieve your best lawn yet!

Spring Lawn Care in Bergen County, NJ

DIY Lawn Mower Maintenance

Get ready for the spring lawn care season in Bergen County by emptying any gas from last season out of the mower gas tank, or add an additive called a gas stabilizer. If you did not service the lawn mower over the winter, make sure to change the sparkplug, oil, and filter.  It is important to also sharpen the mower blades.  One reason this is important is that a sharp cut is much better for the grass because a dull blade can tear rather than cut.  You will notice when your mower blades dull because they tear rather than cut the grass. The makes the grass turn brown due to pathogens which enter at the tear.

Clean Up Your Yard

Before your first cut, spend some time picking up sticks and the occasional piece of windblown trash from your lawn. You may want to rack out any areas with matted leaves so that oxygen and beneficial organic materials and fertilizers can easily enter your lawn.

Invest in a Soil Test at Least Every 3 Years

The nutrients in your soil can change over the year.  An inexpensive soil test can take all the guess work out of applying the correct nutrients your lawn will need. Ask your lawn company for more information on conducting a soil test.

Spring Fertilizer

When the pH of your lawn is correctly balanced, there is less need for fertilizer, so while we recommend fertilizing in the spring, before the growing season begins, we also recommend a year-round lawn program that focuses on contiguously adding natural organic matter to the soil. For the Bergen County, NJ area, your lawn may need additional potassium and phosphorus.  You may also want to apply a crabgrass pre-emergent. This should be done when the Crabgrass plants begin to germinate at soil temperatures between 53 and 60 degrees. Your Bergen County lawn service will know when the correct time is for applying this herbicide. They will also monitor your lawn during excessive rainfall and high temperatures and may apply more herbicide to prevent a crabgrass outbreak any time of the year. The reason herbicides are used in April is that the lawn is not stressed, and treatments will not harm the grass plants. It is best to discuss your lawn’s history with your Bergen County lawn service – especially if you know of other weeds that periodically affect your lawn.

Spring Lawn Grub and Pest Control

During late spring, beetles lay eggs that hatch into larvae, better known as grubs.  Grubs feed on the roots of your lawn, and left alone, can kill part or all of your beautiful grass. It is best to treat your lawn for grubs only when the larvae are likely hatched and eating, because then you only have to treat the lawn a few times. Your Bergen County lawn service will test and determine the correct time to treat for grubs and other pests such as chinch bugs, sod webworms and bill bugs that feed on the grass above the soil surface.

Summer Lawn Care in Bergen County New Jersey

Northern New Jersey summers can be hot and humid but can also result in little actual precipitation. You may decide to tell your lawn company to set the mower blades over three and a half inches to protect your grass by cutting less than a third of the plant at time.  Water only in the early morning so that fungus does not accumulate overnight. If you notice fungus, contact your Bergen County Lawn Service to apply a fungicide. Regular watering is less important than a really good soaking at least once a month in summer though. Your lawn needs about an inch of water a month.

Your lawn service may also suggest spot weed and pest treatments if necessary.

Bergen County, NJ Fall Lawn Care

Lawn Fertilization in Northern NJ Should be Done in the Fall

Lawn fertilization can be done all year, doing so in the fall promotes root growth in Spring. Mulching leaves and blowing or raking away matted leaves will oxygenate the roots and allow more light to reach grass for photosynthesis. It will also prevent fungus from growing.  Your Bergen County lawn service will likely suggest a core aeration which removes soil plugs at regular spaces to promote root growth and aerate the soil. Many lawn professionals also add new seed at this time to thicken the lawn.  If so, they may water the areas they seeded for better chance of germination. Fall is the best time for grass seeding.

Bergen County Winter Lawn Care and your Lawn Service

Set up your lawn for a successful spring by allowing the grass to go dormant and rest. Some lawn companies will suggest applying fertilizer with potash to help sustain roots during excessive cold spells.

The final cut of the season should be a short one to prevent diseases and fungus that can form under leaves.

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