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Our weekly northern New Jersey landscape maintenance clients enjoy the benefits of our well-structured and professionally-managed lawn and grounds services.  Our weekly service crews are responsible for spring and fall cleanups, lawn cutting, edging, weeding and cleaning of all hard surfaces.

Our enhancement crews back up our weekly service crews, performing related Bergen County and Passaic County services outside the scope of weekly maintenance. Their responsibilities include small plantings, lawn renovations, pruning ornamental trees/shrubs and mulching.

Landscape Maintenance Program

In a collaborative effort to provide the ultimate service, all of our crews will leave a copy of a service report on premise. Throughout the year, site inspections are performed to ensure that your property looks its very best and to advise clients of any special concerns.

We operate with highly-specialized crews to maximize the efficiency of the work performed and deliver a superior landscape.

Our organics programs have been developed over the last decade and contribute substantially to the sustainability of your turf, trees and shrubs.

Consecutive winner of the NJLCA Residential and Commercial Landscape Maintenance Award.

The Basic Turf Program

Our Basic Turf Program provides the minimal amount of fertilizers needed to create a green, healthy lawn year-round. It includes lawn fertilization five times a year to keep your lawn looking its best. The basic turf fertilization schedule includes applications in mid spring, late spring, summer, early fall and late fall.

The Basic Turf Program also includes important weed and insect control that’s essential for a healthy lawn. Even with a beautiful, well-maintained lawn, weeds and insects can quickly destroy your grass and turn your lawn into a neighborhood eyesore.

Weed Control

There are many types of weeds, but crabgrass and varieties of broadleaf and creeping weeds are abundant in Bergen County, NJ landscapes. The Basic Turf Program provides weed and insect control for all of these lawn problems.

  • Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control: Applied in early or mid spring, it prevents the spread of crabgrass, a stubborn weed that spreads rapidly across the lawn during the summer. Although it usually dies back in the fall, a single weed can distribute thousands of seeds ready to germinate the following spring.
  • Broadleaf and Creeping Weed Control: Applied as needed in spring and fall, it will protect your lawn against aggressive broadleaf weeds like dandelions, chickweed and plantain, and creeping weeds like creeping charlie and dollarweed, perennial creepers that rob your grass and soil of moisture.

Pest Control

The Basic Turf Program protects your lawn from common insects that feed on healthy grass, quickly robbing your lawn of essential nutrients, healthy soil and water.

  • Chinch Bug Control: Applied once in late spring/early summer it will get rid of chinch bugs that feed all grasses. Chinch bugs inject a chemical into grass blades causing them to turn brown and die, and heavy infestations can quickly kill a complete lawn in several days.
  • Grub Control: Applied once in both summer and early fall, it will control grubs, the larvae of various beetles that love to feast on the roots of grass and plants. They’re often hard to spot unless you peel back a small piece of turf or scrape back the top layer of soil.

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