April's Plant of the Month

Blue Mist Shrub; Caryopteris Sapphire Surf Bluebeard

Be prepared for a wave of blue flowers throughout mid-summer and into the fall when you plant this easy to grow shrub, or sometimes referred to as woody perennial, in your garden. It makes for a most excellent border, low hedge or accent plant. It’s compact, low maintenance, drought resistant and deer resistant!

Butterflies go crazy for this plant’s showy flowers and soft silvery foliage, as do hummingbirds. It is fast growing, a repeat bloomer and an overall WINNER in the garden.

It works well planted in well-drained soil with a sunny location and definitely requires a pruning in late winter to maintain shape and guarantee blooming (particularly after a harsh NJ winter like the one we just had).

Its growing habit is generally 2’ high by 3’ in width (depending on the variety you choose) and is hardy from zones 5-9.