August Seasonal Landscaping Tips

As summer begins to wind down, be sure to take full advantage of your landscape, and prepare it for winter as well. Follow these tips to keep your landscape looking great:

  1. Decorate your home with your garden. Pick fresh flowers for indoors. This will also encourage more blooms on most perennials.
  2. Remember to clean up after your plants. Continue to weed flower beds. Remove faded blooms.
  3. Keep the soil of your garden moist by watering twice a day, but do not drown your plants. You want to lightly nurture them with a sprinkler hose, not a hard pressure hose.
  4. For your herb garden, gather herbs for drying as they mature. Pinch the stems of basil regularly to prevent flowering. Harvest about once a week.
  5. Take care of your lawn after a hot summer. Make sure to feed lawns with a slow-acting fertilizer and cut your lawn and trim the edges regularly. Watch out for yellow patches or poor growth. Increase watering if you notice any of these signs.
  6. Remember to order you peony roots because September is peony planting time. You should have peonies in the ground about a month before the average first frost date.
  7. Be sure to watch for insect, slug and snail, or disease damage throughout the garden, and take the necessary steps to control the problem.

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