Backyard Landscape Design Trends for 2014

If you are a homeowner who enjoys landscaping your property, you will no doubt want to know about backyard landscape design trends for 2014. Certain designs just never seem to go out of style, but in addition there are new ones that are worth looking into.

You can essentially turn your yard into an oasis by bringing any or all of your ideas to a professional landscaping company. Here are some beautiful trends for backyard landscaping to consider.

Backyard Landscape Structures

Backyard Landscape Design Trends 2014

You can really spruce up your property using some of the latest backyard landscape design trends for this year.

A trellis can be put up in the garden that can be used to house beautiful plants such as flowering vines or fruits that grow on vines, like grapes or tomatoes. You can have a beautiful area set up in your garden with a trellis that will be the envy of everyone who sees it.

Generally, the best place to have this type of landscaping structure is the back of your garden, and where the plants growing over it will have more than enough access to full sunlight. The best types of trellises are also those that are made from scratch from wood. These are sturdier and can be made by a landscape contractor.

Another one of the best types of backyard landscape design trends for 2014, if you have a large backyard, is a gazebo. What better way to show off your beautiful yard and and “wow” your guests at the same time than with a gazebo?

The best way to go about this type of backyard landscape design is to first choose a spot in your yard where it should go. From there, you can work with a contractor so that he or she can bring it to fruition. If you are uncertain about the specific style you would like, you can always research the various styles of gazebos available.

A pergola is another one of those lovely backyard landscape design trends that simply never seems to go out of style. It can be a stand-alone structure or an add on to your house off the entryway leading out to your backyard. It can even serve as an outdoor kitchen or dining room.

The great thing about a pergola is that you can choose to have it as a stand-alone structure or add an additional decorative touch to it in the form of a canvas or delicate fabric. The fabrics work extremely well when you are hosting a party in your backyard as it will not only provide much needed shade but privacy and visual interest as well.

Landscape Lighting Trends

Backyard Landscape Design Trends 2014

Landscape lighting is one of those backyard landscape design trends that always attract attention from your neighbors. You can really show off your skills by devising your very own designs that you can bring to the attention of your professional contractor. You can even incorporate landscape lighting into your other backyard landscape designs.

The lighted path is one of the best types of landscape lighting and is extremely popular. It is most frequently used in front yards but can be added to your backyard as a great alternative. You can have your lights placed along a walkway that leads from your back door to the garden, which can give you a beautiful effect in your yard. You can even add a few lights in the garden itself to showcase certain plants and add a splash of color at the same time.

If you have any particularly tall trees growing in your backyard, you can create what is known as “moon lighting” for one of the most alluring of backyard landscape design trends. This can be achieved by positioning your landscape lighting high up in tree branches (approximately 30 to 40 feet high). Standard lights work well for this effect but colored ones can make for an even more unique design.

Landscaping With Water

Backyard Landscape Design Trends 2014

Water is a common theme in most backyard landscape design trends. An in-ground swimming pool is something you can enjoy for many years to come. For the past couple of years, and especially in 2014, kidney-shaped swimming pools tend to be one of the most popular among pool owners.

When taking into consideration beautiful backyard landscape design trends with water, you simply cannot forget about a garden fountain. It is one of the easier water structures to have built into your yard and adds an aesthetic vision to the outside of your property.

A fountain can be anything you want it to be, from a traditional type that is made from cement to something more modern like one made out of a large ceramic bowl. You can either choose to purchase a fountain at your local home improvement store or have a landscape design contractor build it for you based on your own unique ideas. From there, choose a spot where it can be installed and let your contractor get to work.

Garden Landscaping Trends

Backyard Landscape Design Trends 2014

There are also a number of lovely backyard landscape design trends for your garden. If you enjoy showcasing certain plants in the garden, particularly those that bloom flowers during the spring and summer, you can make them stand out that much more by placing beautiful borders around them. A stone or wood border can really make your gardens pop.

If your backyard is large enough, you might even want to consider building a gorgeous living wall, also called green wall. This is essentially a wall that is made up of plants, particularly those that grow in vines. If you have a wall or fence already up around your garden, this is one of the best possible backyard landscape design trends you can incorporate into your home.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Backyard Landscape Design Trends 2014

Outdoor fireplaces are simply luxurious and can make your outdoor living space look amazing. In general, outdoor fireplaces tend to be made from stone. You can choose from a variety of stone types and colors and your contractor will build exactly what you want. A popular way to incorporate this landscape design into your backyard is to combine it with another, such as your patio. Choose a color scheme and set up appropriate furniture to complete your outdoor fireplace area.

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