Backyard Water Features For Your Bergen County Home

One of the best ways to add beauty and value to your Bergen County home is to include backyard water features in your landscape design. When it comes to choosing these features, there are nearly unlimited options available.

Whether it’s enhancing your swimming pool area or creating a bubbling brook, Borst Landscape & Design can help you incorporate water elements that will be both relaxing and aesthetically pleasing.

Swimming Pool and Spa Enhancement in Bergen County

A swimming pool or hot tub can be even more enjoyable to use whenever it contains the right landscaping. In many cases, that can include adding flowers or shrubbery to a backyard area in order to make it come alive. Other times, it might involve adding certain hardscaping elements such as a stone walkway or sidewalk.  Landscape design can also be done to provide additional privacy through planting hedges, erecting fences or building retaining walls.

Garden Fountains for Your Bergen County Home

Fountains are another popular element in Bergen County, New Jersey gardens. They can range from a small tabletop fixture placed on a patio or deck to a multi-tiered one that is the focal point of an entryway. Fountains are ideal for small spaces because they can easily be placed in the corner of a flower garden or near a sidewalk without being overly cumbersome. Add some intricate landscape lighting, and the fountain creates a brilliant centerpiece for a garden any time of the day or night.

Outdoor Waterfalls in Northern New Jersey

Waterfalls are an excellent way to incorporate natural stone into your northern NJ garden landscape. These water features can be simple or elaborate, allowing water to cascade from nearly any height desired. Like fountains, they can be used to create a focal point, and may also be used in very small spaces. They look incredible when adorned with greenery such as ferns or hostas or surrounded by a flower garden full of marigolds and chrysanthemums. Waterfalls can be the sole water feature of a backyard oasis, or might also be used in conjunction with other water elements such as streams or ponds.

Stream Design in Bergen County

Modern landscape design can create the look of a rushing stream in nearly any area. Backyard streams can also incorporate the use of natural stone to help provide a realistic and natural appearance. These water features are the perfect choice for New Jersey homes that have a mostly wooded backyard, and also work well with rustic and cottage style homes. When adding a backyard stream, you can also create a bird feeding station or picnic area nearby to help you garner even more enjoyment from it.

Outdoor Ponds in Bergen County

Backyard ponds are ideal in that they can also be used to hold goldfish or frogs. Garden ponds surrounded by lots of greenery will help provide a habitat for birds and small wildlife as well. Ponds are ideal because they work well with a multitude of hardscaping and landscape lighting features. A few of the options that can be used to enhance a pond include garden statutes, foot bridges and bird baths.

Adding the right water features to a garden is an ideal way to make this space more relaxing and inviting. There’s another benefit to doing so, and that is that rushing water can help drown out the noise of traffic for those who live on especially busy streets. Borst Landscape & Design can help you include precisely the right water elements in your design so that your landscape will stand out from that of other homes in your New Jersey neighborhood.