Bergen County Outdoor Patio Contractors: Top 30 Questions to Ask

Bergen County Outdoor Patio ContractorsIf you’ve been thinking about installing a new patio at your Bergen County, NJ home, you want to hire a reputable contractor for the job.

It’s important to find someone with the right skills and knowledge who can help you throughout the project. How do you find the best Bergen County outdoor patio contractors for your job?

Who should you call? How can you make sure they’re qualified? Here’s a list of 30 questions that you should ask to find the best Bergen County outdoor patio contractors for your project

1. How long have you been in business?

Look for a contractor who’s been in business longer than five years. If you find one who’s been in business for 10 to 20 years, they’re a good candidate for the job.

2What’s your background?

Outdoor patio contractors usually have a background in landscaping or construction. A landscape contractor can design and build other useful outdoor landscape features.

Bergen County Outdoor Patio Contractors

3How large is your business?

The size of a business can impact service commitments and completion times. A larger business has more manpower to handle the work. A contractor who works alone could encounter service and scheduling problems.

4. Will you be handling the work yourself?

If you’re talking to a larger business, the person you’re talking to may not be doing the actual work. Find out who will be doing and supervising the work.

5. Do you have a website?

Today, most professionals rely on their website as a marketing and reference tool to get business. You can review company history, services and job photos online.

6Have you done much work in my area?

Reputable Bergen County outdoor patio contractors have probably done work throughout Bergen County. Skilled contractors who do good work usually get repeat business from referrals by customers who live in nearby areas.

7. Are there any finished projects I can see?

Seeing finished work in person is always better than photos, and you may be able to talk to the homeowner about their project experience.

8. Do you have photos of your work?

A professional contractor will have photos of past projects. Someone who does good work with satisfied customers will be proud to share photos of their work.

9. Do you handle other types of projects?

A professional contractor typically handles a variety of projects. Find out what other types of projects and services they can provide for your home.

10. Do you have references?

Bergen County outdoor patio contractors who provide reputable services and quality work will have a long list of satisfied customers. They will be glad to provide you with references.

Bergen County Outdoor Patio Contractors

11. Are you a licensed contractor?

A professional contractor should be licensed. A license shows that the contractor has gone through proper channels, filed necessary papers and paid required fees to obtain a license. If the contractor is not licensed – beware!

12. Do you have liability insurance?

Liability insurance protects you and the contractor in case of property damage. Proper insurance should be one of the most important considerations when choosing Bergen County outdoor patio contractors. Your homeowner’s insurance may not cover property damages caused by an uninsured worker on your property.

13. Do you have worker’s compensation insurance?

Worker’s compensation insurance is required if a company has more than one employee. It pays for a worker’s medical costs that result from work related injuries on a job. Worker’s compensation is important, so you’re not held responsible if a worker is injured on your property.

14. Can you explain project procedures?

The contractor should give you an overview of their work and services. An understanding of basic procedures will make you feel more comfortable about hiring the contractor.

15. When could you start?

Ask about the contractor’s schedule and work load. You want to make sure the contractor has enough time available to handle your project in a timely manner and begin work when you’re ready.

Here’s a list of project-specific questions that will help narrow your choices for Bergen County outdoor patio contractors.

16. Will you visit my home to discuss the project?

A site visit is essential to assess your specific project wants and needs. Most professional contractors will schedule a site visit at no charge.

17. Will you help me with the patio design?

A good contractor will help you with design ideas, size, shape and layout for your patio. Based on your specific needs, the contractor will make suggestions that work best for your home.

18. Will you help me choose materials?

Bergen County outdoor patio contractors can assist you with selection of materials for your patio. They have a good knowledge of outdoor patio materials that will hold up well in northern New Jersey.

19. What materials do you suggest?

After the site visit and review of your specific wants and needs, the contractor may suggest patio materials that will be durable and compliment your home and landscape. If you have a material in mind that you like, ask questions about durability and costs for your situation.

20. How long will the project take?

Your contractor should discuss the required time frame of the project with a start date and completion date. The best Bergen County outdoor patio contractors will do everything possible to meet the scheduled completion date.

Bergen County Outdoor Patio Contractors

21. How much will the patio cost?

After the site visit and selection of materials, the contractor should give you an estimate of proposed costs. A trust-worthy, reputable contractor will try to stay within the proposed cost estimate.

22. Can you itemize the project costs?

Ask for an itemized breakdown of costs. The contractor should provide separate costs for materials, labor and installation.

23. Can you work within my budget?

The contractor should work within your budget. If that means cutting out certain materials or extra design features, the contractor should let you know.

24. Will I need to be at home while work is being done?

If you work, you may not be at home while work is being done. Ask about making special arrangements for workmen to access your property?

25. How many workmen will be at my house?

Ask about workmen who will be coming and going at your house. Since the patio is in the back yard, you may want to inform close neighbors of workmen coming and going while you’re at work.

26. Will you have to tear up my yard?

Prep work and land grading may be required. Ask about demolition procedures and how debris will be hauled away.

27. What about underground utility lines?

Bergen County outdoor patio contractors should investigate any buried power and utility lines before staring work since excavation may be required to install the patio.

28. How do I pay for my new patio?

Will I get an invoice when the job is completed? Can I set up payment arrangements? Do you accept credit cards?

29. Do you require a deposit?

Ask if a deposit is required to begin work, and how much?

30. Do I get any type of warranty or guarantee?

Make sure you’re clear about warranties or guarantees for work is case problems arise after completion. Note the conditions and expiration dates.