Borst Is the Best Find for “Garden Maintenance Services Near Me”

Googling “garden maintenance services near me”? Glad you found us!

Imagine if your garden had a continuous sequence of blooms from spring through fall. Our award-winning landscaping team can help you design a garden plan that keeps your property full of color year-round. Borst’s “garden maintenance services near me” cover in-ground garden beds, as well as window boxes, seasonal displays, and potted arrangements.

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Three-Season Gardens

Not only does Borst offer “garden maintenance near me,” we offer garden transformations. By mixing plants that bloom in different seasons, you can create a changing cast of color and texture in your garden. By contrast, certain plants such as evergreen shrubs can be used as visual anchors, holding consistent color throughout the year.

Our landscaping experts will consult with you on what plants are best suited to the conditions of your yard — that is, how much light an area gets and how wet or dry the soil tends to be. We can also create custom container gardens, or build gardens into hardscape features such as retaining walls or patios.

Read on to consider some excellent options for “garden maintenance services near me.” We know the northern New Jersey climate and what flourishes in it. Below, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite perennial flowers and why we’re so fond of them.


Bright yellow forsythia blooms are among the first to burst forth in spring. Imagine coming home to a row of sunny forsythia planted along a fence at the edge of your property, or on either side of your front door. As a larger shrub, forsythias are also great for use as windbreaks.

The shade-loving bleeding heart bush blooms in late spring after the forsythia blossoms have fallen away. You may see hummingbirds and butterflies visiting bleeding heart flowers for their nectar. Thankfully though, unlike pollinators, deer do not find these bushes appetizing. 

At Borst, “garden maintenance services near me” include more than just weeding and mulching. We are also glad to share our knowledge about how to pick plants that require little maintenance and won’t draw pests.


The warm yellow of daylilies is a hallmark of summer. They come in such delightful varieties called “reblooming” or “everblooming.” As the name implies, they will produce flower after flower all through the season. Best of all, daylilies are tough as nails (aka: easy to care for) and easy to propagate.


Just the thought of golden mums brings to mind cider, pumpkins, and other autumn imagery. Hardy mum blossoms grow in densely packed mounds, returning year after year with vigor. Dried, cut flowers make beautiful long-lasting arrangements to bring joy through the winter.

Borst Is the Best “Garden Maintenance Services Near Me”

Your search for “garden maintenance services near me” is finally over. Our award-winning team at Borst Landscape & Design is eager to bring life to your lawn.

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