Borst Landscape & Design Is Bergen County’s Best Lawn Care Company


If you’re in doubt that we’re the best lawn care company — just ask our customers! With more than 30 years of happy clients, we must be doing something right.

A healthy lawn is a joy. It’s somewhere you want to be. Borst Landscape & Design wants to give you that lawn. Using natural and dependable methods, we can help cultivate a lush, organic lawn that you can feel proud of. If you’re looking for the best lawn care company, why not try Borst?

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All Lawn Services Considered

Believe it or not, there is an important difference between lawn care and lawn maintenance. (Only truly passionate lawn nerds would know that). Lawn care generally refers to maintaining the health, color and longevity of a lawn, while lawn maintenance concerns the detailed beautification of a lawn. In other words, lawn care is nourishment and lawn maintenance is grooming. 

Your lawn is only as healthy as its roots. As the best lawn care company around, we consider every variable down to the pH of the soil.

Here Are Some Highlights From Our Optimum Organic Lawn Care Program:

  • Scheduled Fertilization — We fertilize five times a year, ample enough to keep your lawn looking green and healthy without overdoing it.
  • Thatch Control — Thatch is the part of your lawn where dead and living grass shoots weave together (think: a thatched roof). There’s a narrow window when thatch is the ideal width. We keep an eye on that.
  • Root Stimulants & Developers — The deeper the roots, the more resilient your yard is in times of drought or other environmental stress.
  • Secondary Micronutrients — Imagine you’re giving your lawn a really nice juice from a health food store. Applied three times throughout the season, these essential nutrients are necessary to maintain a healthy lawn.

We’re not just the best lawn care company, we’re the best in lawn maintenance too.

The team at Borst Landscape & Design are experts in lawn grooming. We know it’s the details that tie everything together — crisp border edging for walkways and patio areas, thorough weeding, and well-timed maintenance. Here are some other maintenance services we offer:

  • Seasonal Cleanups — Yards can collect quite a bit of debris between the seasons! In the spring, we’ll remove dead winter growth and debris. Come fall, we’ll collect leaves and debris and prepare for winter.
  • Weekly Mowing — We at Borst, don’t just mow grass, we study how it grows. Organic lawns are typically mowed a bit higher. At around 3 inches in height, a longer grass blade can photosynthesize more, which leads to healthier roots. 
  • Regular Watering — When we water deeply and less frequently, grassroots are encouraged to grow more deeply. The deeper the root growth, the healthier the plant.
  • Pruning — With our pruning techniques and equipment, we help produce stronger limbs, greener, thicker foliage, and more blooms during your tree and shrubs’ growing season.

Choosing Organic Makes a Difference

Our organic practices are one of the things that make us the best lawn care company in Bergen County. When you think organic, you think safer. With our safer, effective approach to lawn care, you can provide all of your loved ones — pets and children included! — with a healthy environment.

Come find out why Borst Landscape & Design is the best lawn care company around. Give us a call at (201) 690-1312, or fill out our online contact form