Borst’s Lawn Mowing Service and Maintenance Is There For You Year-Round


There’s more to our lawn mowing service and maintenance than just hopping on a mower. 

This may sound overblown, but hear us out — mowing is both a science and an art. Numerous environmental factors come into play when cultivating a gorgeous lawn. Borst’s lawn mowing service stands out among our competitors because our attention to detail goes deeper than most. Our lawn care experts are horticulturists, not just lawnmower jockeys. They look at a lawn holistically, down to the roots. Soil type, plant growth patterns, and proper pruning schedules all come into play.

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Is Cutting Grass All That Different From Season to Season?

Yes, in fact! Every season presents a different set of challenges. Temperature and precipitation greatly influence how often and how high our lawn mowing service will cut your grass. The only element that is equally important year-round is consistency. It takes effort and commitment to develop a well-manicured lawn, and we have just the crew for the job.

Clear the Way for Growth in Spring (March – May)

At Borst, our lawn mowing service takes cues from nature. When the first daffodils and hyacinths begin to bloom, our lawn care experts will clear your yard of winter’s debris so that new shoots can grow. There are a few prerequisites before spring mowing. Foremost among them is dethatching

Thatch describes the build-up of dead grass, leaves, and twigs that accumulate among the spears of living grass. Having some thatch is good — there’s a sweet spot somewhere between half an inch and an inch. Too much, however, can smother new growth and make it difficult for air, water, and nutrients to get down to the roots. Thus, in spring, we dethatch first thing. Then our lawn mowing service is ready to take the next step.

In Summer, Drought Resilience is Key (June – August)

Precipitation can be scarce during our Bergen County summers. To protect grassroots and soil from the scorching sun, we increase our mowing height in the summer. We should note — it is important not to cut your lawn too short at any time of year, as that can lead to patchy brown spots. The cardinal rule of mowing is: cut off the top third of grass blades each time you mow. In the spring and summer, there is so much new growth that a weekly pass with the mower is recommended. 

Fall: Getting Ready for Rest (September – November)

Once fall sets in, grass growth slows as it prepares for its winter dormancy. Gradually, we increase mowing height to reduce stress to the grassroots as they winterize. Besides mowing, we aerate the soil during the fall, a move that helps prevent soil compaction as the ground freezes.

Give Borst’s Lawn Mowing Service and Maintenance Program a Try This Season

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Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay